Matthew Dean
Matthew Dean

Contestant Biography

Matthew's dad was 80's heartthrob, Dino, and his mom was in the 80's girl band, Cover Girls. His parents met while on tour for New  Kids on the Block and the rest is history. Matthew credits New  Kids on the Block for his birth and believes boy band is in his DNA. Matthew has learned industry secrets from his pop star parents and plans to use that knowledge to stand out from the rest in this competition.

★  Both of Matthew's parents were in bands that opened for the hit 80's boy band, New Kids on the Block.

★  His mom was in the girl band Cover Girls and his dad was the 80's heartthrob Dino. His parents met while on tour and fell in love.

★  Matthew truly looks up to his dad and loves making music with him.

★  When Matthew was in high school, a growth on his brain was found. When the growth turned out to be benign, he decided to follow his dreams and focus on music.

★  Matthew lives at home with his parents but works two jobs as a grocery store checker and at a clothing store to pay for gas and have spending money for the weekends.

★  He is Puerto Rican and Italian but he doesn't speak Spanish.

★  Matthew gave up soccer and focused all of his energy on his career. Playing soccer prepared him for being in a boy band because he knows the pressures of being on a team. He was captain of his varsity soccer team and says that he has carried those leadership qualities with him.

★  For this competition, he wants to be in a boy band so that he can prove to himself that he can also make it on his own.