Nate Wyatt
Nate Wyatt

Contestant Biography

Nate Wyatt left his life in Cincinnati behind to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. Raised by his mother and grandmother, Nate was always popular with the ladies because of his good looks, athleticism and ability to sing. Nate was given an opportunity to play college football after high school but declined the offer to pursue a career in music. Nate is certain he made the right choice and is now ready to prove it to everyone else.

★  Nate was given the opportunity to play college football at the University of Cincinnati but declined the offer. Nate's older brother played football there.

★  Nate admits that he can be a player when it comes to women. He doesn't have any problems when it comes to the ladies.

★  He is part Black, White, and Native American (his mom insists there is a little Cuban there as well).

★  Nate takes salsa dance lessons with his mom and they both love Latin music.

★  Nate Wyatt is one of the few hand-selected Ambassadors for the app where they help recruit and promote new and upcoming talent.

★  He loves his urban streetwear fashion style.

★  His pet peeve is lazy people. He likes working with dedicated hard-working people like himself.

★  He recently met his uncle Eddie, who is a former band member of the 90's group Blessid Union of Souls