season 2

The Walker family deals with struggles and triumphs.

S2 E1 - Home Front
The Walker family struggles to find cheer in celebrating Kitty's birthday.
10.01.2007 | 43m
S2 E2 - An American Family
Kevin, Kitty and Nora take a road trip to pick up Justin.
10.08.2007 | 42m
S2 E3 - History Repeating
Nora and Rebecca devise a plan to help Justin cope with pain.
10.15.2007 | 41m
S2 E4 - States of the Union
Kitty and Sarah's attempt at a spa escape becomes an entangled mess.
10.22.2007 | 43m
S2 E5 - Domestic Issues
Joe puts up a tough custody battle.
10.29.2007 | 43m
S2 E6 - Two Places
The Walkers suffer a tragic and private loss.
11.05.2007 | 43m
S2 E7 - 36 Hours
Justin reaches a critical new low point with his addiction.
11.12.2007 | 43m
S2 E8 - Something New
Robert enlists the help of a music icon to fend off Kitty's cold feet.
11.26.2007 | 43m
S2 E9 - Holy Matrimony!
A political scandal and cold feet threaten Kitty and Robert's wedding day.
12.03.2007 | 42m
S2 E10 - The Feast of the Epiphany
Tommy and Julia try to repair their damaged marriage.
01.14.2008 | 43m
S2 E11 - The Missionary Imposition
A surprise visit from Jason forces Kevin to rethink his future.
02.11.2008 | 42m
S2 E12 - Compromises
Nora realizes that Isaac (Danny Glover) is not the man she thought.
02.18.2008 | 42m
S2 E13 - Separation Anxiety
Robert and Kitty make a life-altering decision.
04.21.2008 | 42m
S2 E14 - Double Negative
Robert contemplates a future in politics.
04.28.2008 | 42m
S2 E15 - Moral Hazard
Holly becomes the saving grace for Ojai Foods.
05.05.2008 | 43m
S2 E16 - Prior Commitments
Kevin and Scotty make a commitment to be life partners.
05.12.2008 | 42m