season 4

The Walker family deals with struggles and triumphs.

S4 E1 - The Road Ahead
Kitty harbors a secret that will shock the Walker family.
09.28.2009 | 43m
S4 E2 - Breaking the News
Robert worries that news of his heart attack will leak to the media.
10.05.2009 | 42m
S4 E3 - Almost Normal
Kitty, Robert and Nora struggle to accept Kitty's cancer.
10.12.2009 | 42m
S4 E4 - From France With Love
Sarah distracts Kitty through chemo treatments.
10.19.2009 | 42m
S4 E5 - Last Tango in Pasadena
Sarah's new lover charms the entire family except Nora.
10.26.2009 | 42m
S4 E6 - Zen and the Art of Mole Making
Sarah realizes that she must tell her kids about Luc.
11.02.2009 | 42m
S4 E7 - The Wig Party
Kitty faces the visible ramifications of her cancer treatment
11.09.2009 | 43m
S4 E8 - The Wine Festival
Ojai's newest wine is submitted at a local festival
11.16.2009 | 43m
S4 E9 - Pregnant Pause
Sarah becomes jealous of Nora's new romance.
11.30.2009 | 43m
S4 E10 - Nearlyweds
Rebecca and Justin's wedding plans take a shocking turn
12.07.2009 | 42m
S4 E11 - A Bone to Pick
Kitty's life is in jeopardy as the Walkers frantically search for a donor.
01.04.2010 | 42m
S4 E12 - The Science Fair
A divorced dad at Paige's school piques Sarah's interest.
01.11.2010 | 43m
S4 E13 - Run Baby Run
Sarah has a new romantic interest for the first time since her divorce.
01.18.2010 | 42m
S4 E14 - The Pasadena Primary
Kitty puts her idea to run for Robert's senate seat up for a family vote.
02.01.2010 | 41m
S4 E15 - A Valued Family
The love of Sarah's life returns.
02.22.2010 | 42m
S4 E16 - Leap of Faith
Sarah struggles with her feelings for Luc.
03.01.2010 | 43m
S4 E17 -
Kitty's popularity surge creates havoc for her family.
03.14.2010 | 41m
S4 E18 - Time After Time, Part 1
Holly and Nora investigate Oaji's hidden worth.
04.11.2010 | 42m
S4 E19 - Time After Time, Part 2
Holly and Nora investigate Oaji's hidden worth.
04.11.2010 | 41m
S4 E20 - If You Bake It, He Will Come
Tommy, Justin and Kevin confront Dennis.
04.18.2010 | 41m
S4 E21 - Where There's Smoke
More than one member of the Walker family thinks she might be pregnant.
04.25.2010 | 42m
S4 E22 - Love All
Kevin tries to adjust to being unemployed.
05.02.2010 | 42m
S4 E23 - Lights Out
New opportunities develop as the Walkers close Ojai Foods for good.
05.10.2010 | 43m
S4 E24 - On the Road Again
One of William's secret investments brings hope to the Walker family.
05.17.2010 | 43m