season 5

The Walker family deals with struggles and triumphs.

S5 E1 - The Homecoming
Kitty's life becomes a taboo subject.
09.27.2010 | 42m
S5 E2 - Brief Encounter
The Walkers attend a launch party for Luc's advertising campaign.
11.29.2010 | 42m
S5 E3 - Faking It
Kitty meets a handyman while staying in Ojai.
10.11.2010 | 42m
S5 E4 - A Righteous Kiss
Rebecca and Justin come to an impasse in their relationship.
10.18.2010 | 42m
S5 E5 - Call Mom
A radio producer asks Nora to audition for a new show; Kitty has a date.
10.25.2010 | 43m
S5 E6 - An Ideal Husband
The Walkers try to help Kevin and Scotty reunite.
11.01.2010 | 42m
S5 E7 - Resolved
Justin takes an interest in Holly's recovery when a nurse catches his eye.
11.08.2010 | 42m
S5 E8 - The Rhapsody of the Flesh
Luc's mother meddles in Nora's romantic affairs.
11.15.2010 | 43m
S5 E9 - Get a Room
Nora and Kitty make unexpected romantic connections.
12.06.2010 | 41m
S5 E10 - Cold Turkey
Nora takes a last-minute getaway with Karl.
12.13.2010 | 42m
S5 E11 - Scandalized
Nora's date night scandalizes the couples in the Walker family.
01.03.2011 | 42m
S5 E12 - Thanks for the Memories
Nora and Holly make a shocking discovery about Nora's past.
01.10.2011 | 42m
S5 E13 - Safe at Home
Tommy's new girlfriend's interest in Walker history bothers the family.
01.17.2011 | 41m
S5 E14 - The One That Got Away
Valentine's Day plans go awry when Tommy reveals another of Nora's secrets.
02.14.2011 | 42m
S5 E15 - Brody
Nora tries to put space between herself and Brody.
02.21.2011 | 43m
S5 E16 - Home is Where the Fort Is
Olivia seems nervous about her new life with Kevin and Scotty.
03.07.2011 | 42m
S5 E17 - Olivia's Choice
The family tries to determine what is best for Olivia.
04.11.2011 | 42m
S5 E18 - Never Say Never
Saul and Nora find out their mother has died.
04.11.2011 | 43m
S5 E19 - Wouldn't it be Nice
Nora gives in to her feelings for Brody.
04.18.2011 | 41m
S5 E20 - Father Unknown
Justin keeps a secret.
04.25.2011 | 42m
S5 E21 - For Better or For Worse
Sarah decides she doesn't want Brody to be a part of her life.
05.02.2011 | 43m
S5 E22 - Walker Down the Aisle
The Walkers learn the true meaning of family.
05.09.2011 | 43m