season 3

A young adult experiences college life in New York.

S3 E1 - The Christening
Felicity falls in love with an apartment.
10.05.2000 | 40m
S3 E2 - The Anti-Natalie Intervention
After learning of Noel's marriage, Richard organizes an intervention.
10.12.2000 | 44m
S3 E3 - Hello, I Must Be Going
Ben's mother tells him that his father has been missing for several days.
10.19.2000 | 41m
S3 E4 - Greeks and Geeks
Felicity lies to Mrs. Emrick about Julie's whereabouts.
10.26.2000 | 44m
S3 E5 - Surprise
Felicity tries desperately to track down Randy.
11.02.2000 | 44m
S3 E6 - One Ball, Two Strikes
Felicity asks Randy to talk to Ben.
11.09.2000 | 45m
S3 E7 - Kissing Mr. Covington
Mr. Covington returns to town with the hopes of reconciling with his son.
11.16.2000 | 44m
S3 E8 - A Good Egg
Javier and Samuel decide to become parents.
11.23.2000 | 45m
S3 E9 - James And The Giant Piece
Ben encourages Molly to break up with James.
11.30.2000 | 44m
S3 E10 - Let's Get It On
Molly apologizes to Felicity and Ben.
12.07.2000 | 44m
S3 E11 - And to All a Good Night
James persistently tries to call Molly, who has broken up with him.
12.14.2000 | 43m
S3 E12 - Girlfight
Elena is wounded in the shoulder.
04.19.2001 | 43m
S3 E13 - Blackout
The gang gathers at the apartment to watch Docuventary.
04.26.2001 | 44m
S3 E14 - The Break-Up Kit
Felicity agrees to give Ben some space to sort out his feelings.
05.03.2001 | 44m
S3 E15 - Senioritis
Avery leads Noel to believe that she slept with Ben.
05.10.2001 | 42m
S3 E16 - It's Raining Men
Noel apologizes to Felicity and suggests that they forget about the kiss.
05.17.2001 | 43m
S3 E17 - The Last Summer Ever
Felicity and Ben plan to spend the summer camping.
05.24.2001 | 43m