season 1

Individuals try to reconcile visions of their future.

S1 E1 - No More Good Days
The world sees its future during a global event.
09.25.2009 | 42m
S1 E2 - White to Play
Olivia runs into the man from her vision.
10.02.2009 | 47m
S1 E3 - 137 Sekunden
An imprisoned Nazi claims to know about the blackouts.
10.09.2009 | 42m
S1 E4 - Black Swan
Mark feels Demetri is letting fear take over his life.
10.16.2009 | 43m
S1 E5 - Gimme Some Truth
Olivia receives an anonymous message.
10.23.2009 | 42m
S1 E6 - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Olivia confronts Mark about his experience.
10.30.2009 | 43m
S1 E7 - The Gift
The Blue Hand club may be connected to recent suicides.
11.06.2009 | 42m
S1 E8 - Playing Cards With Coyote
Aaron learns the truth about his daughter's accident.
11.13.2009 | 42m
S1 E9 - Believe
Bryce searches for the woman in his flashforward.
11.20.2009 | 43m
S1 E10 - A561984
Demetri and Mark disregard Wedeck's orders.
12.04.2009 | 42m
S1 E11 - Revelation Zero, Part 1
Mark meets with a therapist following his suspension.
03.19.2010 | 43m
S1 E12 - Revelation Zero, Part 2
Mark resumes his search into Lloyd's disappearance.
03.19.2010 | 42m
S1 E13 - Blowback
Zoey tries to alter Demetri's fate.
03.26.2010 | 41m
S1 E14 - Better Angels
Olivia wants to know about her daughter's flashforward.
04.02.2010 | 42m
S1 E15 - Queen Sacrifice
Mark and Vogel try to uncover the mole's identity.
04.09.2010 | 43m
S1 E16 - Let No Man Put Asunder
Demetri puts a rush on his wedding plans.
04.16.2010 | 40m
S1 E17 - The Garden of Forking Paths
Mark and his team search for Demetri.
04.23.2010 | 41m
S1 E18 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Olivia receives disturbing news from Gabriel.
04.30.2010 | 42m
S1 E19 - Course Correction
Demetri and Banks try to track down a killer.
05.07.2010 | 41m
S1 E20 - The Negotiation
Mark does everything in his power to protect Gabriel.
05.14.2010 | 40m
S1 E21 - The Countdown
Mark continues his interrogation of Hellinger.
05.21.2010 | 42m
S1 E22 - Future Shock
Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout.
05.28.2010 | 42m