Liesl Obrecht
Liesl Obrecht
played by Kathleen Gati

Character Biography

Dr. Liesl Obrecht is a force to be reckoned with. The General Hospital Chief of staff will terrorize anyone who stands in her path. Sharp-tongued, smart and devious, most residents steer clear of Dr. Obrecht. She does have a softer side that comes out once in a blue moon that is solely reserved for her children or her true love Cesar Faison. 

The Good
-Will go to any length to help her children Britt Westbourne and Nathan West.
-Serenaded her son at the Nurses' Ball with a beautiful song.
-Nothing else comes to mind.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Snuck Faison out of prison by disguising herself as Anna.
-Took Duke hostage in the catacombs.
-Crashed the Nurses Ball.
-Orchestrated the kidnapping of Baby Ben.
-Shot Elizabeth Webber 

-Anna Devane
-Elizabeth Webber
-Madeline Reeves (her sister)
-Almost everyone in Port Charles

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