Mac Scorpio
Mac Scorpio
played by John J. York

Character Biography

In a town run by mobsters heading up the police force is no easy task. The one thing more intimidating than gangsters? Raising a daughter who demands independence, even though the overprotective Mac is hesitant to give it.

The Good
-When Robin Scorpio's parents were presumed dead after a boat explosion, Mac raised her.
-Helped clear Felicia Jones when she was accused of the attempted murder of Ryan Chamberlain. It later turned out that Ryan was a murderer and Mac and Felicia worked together to get him convicted.
-Basically raised Maxie and Georgie Jones, Felicia's daughters by a previous marriage.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Prior to moving to Port Charles, Mac accidentally caused a plane crash that killed his parents and his brother's fiancée.
-Had a volatile relationship with his brother Robert Scorpio for many years.
-The death of his daughter, Georgie.

-Robin Scorpio-Drake, Neice
-Robert Scorpio, Brother

-Dante Falconeri: co-worker
-Maxie Jones: daughter (adoptive)

Love Interests
-Alexis Davis
-Felicia Jones