The Top 5 Moments of 2014

This year was filled with so many memorable moments on General Hospital. The fans weighed in and here are the top 5 moments of 2014. What a year!

1. Britt's Confession: An engagement party for the books. In one of the most dramatic scenes of the year, Britt finally confesses that Ben is Lulu's baby. 

Britt Finally Confesses|Britt finally confesses that Ben is Lulu's baby.|Under pressure from Dante, Britt finally breaks down and confesses the truth about Ben.

2. Dr. Obrecht's Nurses Ball Performance: Putting her lying and embryo stealing aside, Dr. Obrecht has the voice of an angel. The fans agree, making her performance at the Nurses’ Ball one of the top 5 moments of the year. 

3. Jason's Return: Ever since Jason Morgan left Port Charles we have anxiously been awaiting his return. Our wish was granted! (Even though he doesn't remember anything and goes by "Jake")

Jason's Face is Revealed|The bandages come off and Jason's face is finally revealed.|Finally the day has come! The surgeon removes Jason's bandages and reveals his new face! Will Liz find some glimmer of recognition?

4. Maxie Shoots Levi/Kisses Nathan: Maxie and Nathan have worked hard for their seat as one of Port Charles newest power couples. Just as Levi is about to shoot Nathan, Maxie stabs Levi with a dagger, killing him. Finally out of danger, Nathan and Maxie share their first kiss. 

5. Franco's Wedding Performance: If there is a wedding in Port Charles, it is almost guaranteed that something shocking will happen. Franco's wedding performance did not disappoint. When Lucy asks Franco if he will take Carly to be his lawfully wedded wife...he responds, "hell no."

*Runer up! - Michael Learning the Truth About AJ: The truth always comes out in Port Charles. Franco surprised Michael by exposing Sonny & Carly's involvement in AJ's murder. Michael turns on Carly before storming out to find Sonny.

The cast and crew of General Hospital wish you a safe and happy New Year's Eve!