GH Now! Clips

GH Now! Clips

Can't get enought of GH Now! Don't worry, we have you covered. Watch and share your favorite moments from the show! Be sure to check back daily for our favorites!

GH Now! Clip: The Great GH Gurney Race
Your favorite GH cast members pass the time with an epic Gurney Race refereed by Frank Valentini. 

GH Now! Clip: Here Comes the Bride
 Nancy Lee Grahn, Kirsten Storms, Sarah Colonna and Kristina Wong critique classic General Hospital wedding dresses.

GH Now! Clip: Corinthos Coffee Commercial
"A bad cup of coffee is like a snitch. It's unwelcome and usually takes you by surprise. Pick up your bag of Corinthos Coffee today. It's good to the last shot. 

GH Now! Clip: "Medical Term or Italian Cuisine?"
Lisa LoCicero tests Nancy Lee Grahn, Sarah Colonna and Jimmy Pardo on their medical knowledge in the game "Medical Term or Italian Cuisine?" 

GH Now! Clip: GH Stars Answer Fan Mail
"Dear Ryan, How much would you charge to come to my house and mow my lawn without your shirt on?" Kristen Alderson (Kiki Jerome), Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan), Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), Ryan Paevey (Nathan West), Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton), Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos-Jacks) and Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay) answer your wackiest fan mail. 

GH Now! Clip: Sebastian Roche In The Buff!
"She’s seen me naked!" Sebastian Roché reveals to comedians Jen Kober and Jackie Kashian that Nancy Lee Grahn has seen him in the buff while changing costumes in his dressing room.

GH Now! Clip: Alexis Davis' Law Firm Commercial
Do you need an attorney for a crime you committed? Then call Alexis Davis, Attorney at Law, at 1 (800) Lex-Gets-UOff for free legal advice. Hurry, operators are standing by!

GH Now! Clip: GH Storyline or 18th Century Literature?
Nancy Lee Grahn reads a story description and asks people on Hollywood Blvd. if they think it's an actual GH storyline or if it's culled from 18th century literature.

GH Now! Clip: Nancy Takes Hollywood Blvd. 
Nancy Lee Grahn searches Hollywood Blvd. for new talent and teaches them a few tricks - like how to toss water in someone's face, how to bitch slap and make out like a true daytime diva.

GH Now! Clip: The Chest Game
“This is perfection. This was made in a lab!” Nancy Lee Grahn, Jason Thompson, Sarah Colonna and Jimmy Pardo drool over hot, naked torsos as they try to guess which GH soap star they belong to.

GH Now! Clip: The Crying Game
Nancy Lee Grahn’s General Hospital co-stars go to extreme measures to cry on cue like a true daytime diva in a competition to win Tony Geary’s parking space for a week! Who will win the crying game?

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