GH Recap: Liz Comes Clean with Jason: Week of December 7th

GH Recap: Liz Comes Clean with Jason: Week of December 7th

What a week! Let’s dive right in. Sam confronts Liz, pretending to know more than she really does as she accuses Liz of what she suspects: that Liz knew who Jason was long before he found out the truth.

Sam excoriates Liz, but Jason stops her, vehemently defending Liz.  He tosses Sam out.  Liz comes up with an excuse, claiming that Sam is jealous and wants Jason back. Sam tells Jason that Liz has known for months that he’s Jason. Liz eventually crumbles and comes clean.

Jason is furious and dumps Liz. 

Jason Leaves Liz|Liz reveals the devastating truth and Jason is furious.|Liz finally tells Jason the truth and reveals that she has known his true identity for a very long time, since the Nurses Ball. She was going to tell him then but was afraid he'd leave her. Will Jason leave her now that he knows the truth?


On a sad note this week, Patrick makes the decision that Sam has so far been unable to: He ends their relationship. As long as Jason is in the picture, he will never have 100% of her.  She is finally forced to agree. Emma is beyond devastated and when Sam goes, Patrick tries to console Emma, but she wants her mommy.  He has an idea – they’ll go and surprise her in Paris.

Emma Calls Robin|A devastated Emma begs her mother to come home.|Emma is absolutely devastated when she learns that Patrick & Sam are not getting married. She begs Patrick to let her call Robin.

Later, Lulu tells  Maxie  that she’s determined to get Valerie out of Dante’s life. Maxie goes – and Johnny emerges from a hiding place.  Lulu’s shocked to see him – he’s still a fugitive.  But Johnny, having overheard Maxie and Lulu, thinks Lulu isn’t going to call in a tip to Dante.  Lulu tells him her woes.  Johnny’s sympathetic, but not all that surprised.  Lulu wants Johnny to help her get rid of Valerie.

GH Spoiler: Can Johnny Solve Lulu's Problems?|Johnny agrees to help Lulu get rid of Valerie.|Lulu's shocked to see Johnny as he's still a fugitive. Lulu tells him her marriage woes and wants Johnny to help her get rid of Valerie.


Across town, Hayden awakens to Nik standing over her, saying he knows she’s been lying to him. She hasn’t been where she said she would be – and she covers. She’s been checking into ELQ operations. She discovered that they could cut their work force and be more profitable.  When she shows him her calculations, he wonders how she knows all this. She admits that she used to work on Wall Street.  But it ended badly, and that’s why she agreed to scam Jason.  She admits that she remembers what happened before she was shot – that she’d threatened to tell the truth about Jason and he and Liz didn’t want her to. But she never told, and now Jason knows, so all bets are off.  Later, Hayden and Curtis meet for a status report. He tells her he’s found the other bullet proving there was a second shooter. EOD Nikolas enters and sees them together.

At Metro Court, Carly is overprotective of Morgan but he says he’s taking his meds and can take care of himself. He expresses himself about the meds making him feel different and that he doesn’t like it, but he’s committed to staying on course with them. In another part of the restaurant, Ava sneak attacks Kiki and it does not go well. When Kiki flares, Morgan and Carly step in. Kiki handles it but eventually Carly and Morgan kick Ava out.


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