GH Recap: The Nurses Ball is Here: Week of May 23rd

GH Recap: The Nurses Ball is Here: Week of May 23rd

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!  

In Puerto Rico, Sonny and Michael arrive just in time to save Sabrina's life at the hand of Marcos. Later, Sabrina tells Michael some of the story about what happened with Carlos and that he did not take her by force, but he did take her by "she-had-no-choice". She is relieved he found her and saved her and that the baby is all right – but nothing is resolved between them, by far. 

Watch Sabrina's reunion with Michael: 

Meanwhile, Alexis make a decision and calls Diane.  Diane tells Alexis what she already knows and also helps to facilitate the confession. Before Alexis can agree or deny, Julian returns home and she must cover why Diane is there. Julian tells her about Lucas and Brad's wedding plans for the ball. Alexis and Diane go and outside, Alexis says if she is going to come forward, it has to be after the Nurses Ball because she will not disrupt Lucas's wedding.

The 2016 Nurses Ball kicks off, promising an evening of excitement. Many of the residents of Port Charles walk the red carpet, encountering several twists and turns along the way.

Watch red carpet footage: 

Maxie hopes to spring Nathan from the hospital so that he can accompany her to the ball, but when Griffin won't sign off on Nathan's release, Maxie asks Griffin to be her date her instead.

Meanwhile, Anna is thrilled when she discovers two surprise guests: Emma and Robin:

Across town, Carly swipes the flash drive containing Ava's confession from her penthouse. Carly comes into possession of a sex tape of Ava and Paul. Carly threatens Ava she'll give it a wide release if she doesn't agree to shared custody of Avery. Ava refuses. Carly clues Paul in. Paul forces Ava to play ball by holding her Connie/AJ confession over her. Ava tries to wrest the footage from Carly but Carly reminds her that it is too late – the footage is in "the cloud."  Later, Sonny's concerned that it isn't a surefire fix to being able to keep custody of Avery.  But Carly argues that she thinks Ava is under pressure from Paul to keep it under wraps. 

Backstage post-performance, Bobbie suddenly faints. Lucas must skip out on the Ball in order to take stricken Bobbie to the hospital. Bobbie insists Lucas return to the Nurses Ball and get married. Lucas departs but returns, having forgotten something at Bobbie's room. He happens on an interloper poised to inject Bobbie with a mysterious substance.

Brad is waiting for his groom, but Lucas is out cold on the floor of his mother's hospital room.  While Brad wonders if Lucas changed his mind, Bobbie wakes up, sees Lucas and screams for help.  Finn and Griffin manage to get his heart beating again, but Lucas isn't regaining consciousness.  Brad calls Lucas's phone in search of him; Bobbie answers and quietly tells him to alert no one else, just come to the hospital.  While Brad and Bobbie bond over Lucas's condition, Griffin notices a puncture mark on Lucas in an odd location.  He wonders if Finn injected him with something there.  Finn says he didn't. Griffin is tweaked, wondering if this has anything to do with the other two sudden deaths that have occurred at GH recently.

Franco saves the day when Jake is paralyzed with stage fright. 

Watch them perform now:

Dillon and Kiki perform and grow closer, unaware that Morgan has arrived. 

After their performance, they kiss. Morgan sees it.  He backs off and decides not to say anything. 

Later, Magic Milo & the Wands wow the crowd: 

Felix and Epiphany are thrilled when Sabrina arrives and sings "You're Not Alone" with Amy.

But later, Jordan arrests Sabrina. Michael emotionally pleads Sabrina's case to Jordan, urging her to release her, promising he'll take responsibility for her.  Jordan gives in.  They go to see the baby, but Tracy has other ideas.

The Nurses Ball continues with Nikolas trying to hustle Hayden out and Curtis stopping him.  After a bitter battle, Nikolas ends up leaving without her.  Nikolas, expecting her, sets his plan into motion.  When he hears someone enter downstairs he assumes it's her - but it isn't.  It's Jason who is alerted by sounds coming from upstairs at Wyndemere.

Anna is forced to tell Robin that she shot Carlos, relating what a hellish year it's been for her.  Robin thinks all of this is a way to keep Duke alive.  It's time to say goodbye to him now.  Anna has a final dance with Duke and says a real goodbye to him.

Watch the emotional dance now: 

Sam finds Jason at the broken window in Nikolas's bedroom.  There are signs of a struggle.  They see the lifeless body below the window and are stunned.  Jason doesn't know how it happened.  They rush down to the rocky area, but find only remnants of the body having been there.  Jason dives into the water to try to save or find Nikolas.  He comes up empty.  They try to piece together what happened, but are interrupted by the arrival of Hayden and Curtis.  Hayden is surprisingly devastated by the idea that Nikolas could be dead.  But she's suspicious of Jason - since once before he sent Nikolas off a balcony.  She is also desperate to find the diamonds.  But Curtis shuts that down - by calling Jordan.


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