Grey's Anatomy: 23 Unforgettable Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) Moments

Grey's Anatomy: 23 Unforgettable Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) Moments

After the shocking and heartbreaking death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey's Anatomy, it's no surprise that we can't stop thinking about McDreamy. What better way to grieve than by reliving some of our favorite Derek memories of all-time. From bubble baths to Post-it weddings, check out 23 Unforgettable Derek Shepherd Moments here. Did your favorite make the list? If not, share it with us on Twitter!

23. Derek and Zola have a tea party. Dr. Shepherd proves he is a McDreamy daddy by donning a princess crown for his little girl. All together now: “Aww!”

Derek and Zola's Tea Party|Derek proves he's a McDreamy daddy by donning a princess crown for Zola!|In this classic Grey's Anatomy scene featuring Derek wearing a princess crown for his daughter, Derek and Meredith discuss their unborn baby. How will Zola react to him? Watch this video to see the priceless tea party from Season 9, Episode 22: Do You Believe in Magic.

22. The very first Mer-Der scene. It was magic from the beginning – before they even knew each other’s names.

21. Three’s a crowd. Once they finally got together, nothing could get in Merideth and Derek’s way, right? Wrong. Enter Addison Montgomery.

20. You’ve got to have friends. Thankfully, Derek Shepherd had Mark Sloan. McSteamy and McDreamy could always make us smile... and swoon. (Can you blame us? Just look at them!)

McDreamy & McSteamy: The Ultimate Bromance|Mark is jealous in this Season 4 scene.|Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan shared a special friendship. Watch this Grey's Anatomy scene from Season 4, Episode 12: Where the Wild Things Are to see what we mean. And don't miss all-new episodes of Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c.

19. Derek's hand is badly injuredThe plane crash has dire consequences for McDreamy, so Meredith and Cristina are forced to do an emergency procedure in the field. Ouch!

18. Derek wants to adopt Zola. Everything changes when a certain adorable baby girl enters the picture for Mer-Der.

17. Meredith's one-night stand is her boss. This little detail doesn't stop Derek from asking her out. Seriously? Seriously.

16. It’s a beautiful day to save lives. Who can ever forget these magic words? Certainly not the hospital staff when Derek returns to surgery after the plane crash.

15. Derek goes off on Ellis Grey. As Meredith fights for her life after drowning, Derek tells Ellis she broke her daughter because nothing Meredith did was ever good enough. Addison urges her ex not to give up on Mer.

14. Derek's favorite elevator ride. We still get weak in the knees watching this proposal. Dreamy indeed!

13. Derek's least favorite elevator ride. Dr. Shepherd wishes he'd taken the stairs when he runs into his three exes. (On the other hand, McSteamy gets a good laugh at his buddy’s expense.)

12. And baby makes... four!  From McDreamy to McDaddy, Derek is thrilled to find out Zola would be a big sister.

11. Addison and Derek's marriage is over. Derek feels bad when he finally decides to break it off, but gets over it quickly when he finds his soon-to-be ex-wife cheating on him. Again.

10. The ball is in Meredith’s court. Derek unabashedly declares his love to Meredith. He then tells her she has a choice to make. 

9. Baby Bailey is born. Meredith and Derek's son is born during a blackout — and is named after the doctor that ends up saving Mer's life that night.

8. The Post-it wedding. Enough said.

7. Tears in an elevator. When Derek struggles with the loss of a patient, Bailey stops the elevator so McDreamy can grieve in private. And so begins a beautiful tradition.

6. Do your baby's hair! Derek was a natural when it came to fatherhood, but even the best dads (and most brilliant neurosurgeons) need a little help now and then.

5. Derek is shot. One of the most heart-pounding, jaw-dropping episodes in Grey's Anatomy history.

4. Splish-splash, Mer-Der's taking a bath. As their relationship begins anew, Meredith and Derek agree to take it slow. And by slow, we mean taking bubble baths together.

Meredith & Derek's Sexy Bubble Bath|Watch this classic scene from Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy!|As their relationship begins anew, Meredith and Derek agree to take it slow. And by slow, we mean taking bubble baths together. Watch this sexy scene from Season 3, Episode 8: Staring at the Sun and don't miss all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c.

3. So this is rock bottom. After a big Shepherd vs. Shepherd fight, Derek tries to apologize to Amelia. He admits that he doesn’t know who he is anymore. 

2. Meredith builds Derek a bright dream house. Nothing can hold a candle to these two! You might even say they are extraordinary.

1. Derek can't live without Meredith. Home is where the heart is, and Derek's heart was not in DC.

Derek Shepherd was a legend. He may be gone... but he'll never be forgotten.


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