Grey Chatter Report: "Puzzle With A Piece Missing"

Grey Chatter Report: "Puzzle With A Piece Missing"

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Grey Chatter for the "Puzzle With A Piece Missing" episode of Grey's Anatomy! Here you'll find highlights, quotes, observations and more. Be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading this stat if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Maggie's Embarrassing Surprise: During this Maggie-centric episode, we follow the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery around on a very stressful day at the hospital where nothing seems to go right. Case in point: this embarrassing (yet hilarious!) moment. Maggie is in the middle of reading Meredith the riot act when they are interrupted by a giant singing sturgeon. Seriously? Seriously. It's a gift from her parents in Boston. Surprise! 

Meredith Makes It Hard to Hate Her: Speaking of the secret sisters, Maggie goes off about Meredith during a lunch with Richard. But the more she learns about her new sis, the harder it is to hate her. Meanwhile, Richard struggles with his own secret... 

Maggie Exposes Alex: After casually learning that Alex is up for a board seat from Jo, Maggie congratulates Dr. Karev during a surgery. Unfortunately, Alex's current boss (who didn't know anything about this new development) is also in the room and Alex pays the price. Oops! 

Jo Finds Her Thunder: Jo spends pretty much the entire day on Maggie's bad side -- and answering to the wrong name. (It was all downhill after that Alex incident we mentioned above!) But when Jo stands up to Dr. Pierce and demands attention, it impresses Maggie. Jo has officially found her thunder

Sister, Sister: Maggie finally tells Meredith that her mother was Ellis Grey, but it's not the loving sisterly reunion one may expect. Mer immediately assumes Maggie is either wrong or lying. In fact, she orders her new sister to stay away from her. Welcome to Seattle, Dr. Pierce! 

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