Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1012 Get Up, Stand Up

Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1012 Get Up, Stand Up

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Grey Chatter for the "Get Up, Stand Up" episode of Grey's Anatomy! Here you'll find highlights, quotes, observations and more. Be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading this stat if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Words of Advice: Jackson and Stephanie treat Dalton, a man who whispered some words to his wife before his surgery. Judging by the look on her face, they were very sweet ones. This has Jackson recalling some advice Mark Sloan once told him. See what McSteamy said:

Bridesmaid Wars: While being fitted with bridesmaid dresses, Cristina admits to Meredith that’s she’s not sure how her procedure worked on the infant. Their conversation goes south fast as more hurtful words are hurled.

Cease Fire: Cristina arrives in bridesmaid-ville where she and Meredith hash out some of their issues, but April puts the kibosh on all the healing. See why:

The Quotes Are In:

Callie: He’s my brain now. Meredith can have the rest, I get his brain.

Bailey: Never be afraid to stand up for yourself, just be sure you’re right when you do.

Jackson: You shed. You shed hair and you shed bras.

Stephanie: Well, you have angry face.

Jackson: Say it loud and go from there.

Taking a Stand: April’s wedding ceremony is in full swing when Derek gets a phone call. On the other end of the line is the President of the United States. Then there’s another interruption. See what went down:

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