season 6

Murder, deception, fear and guilt are the ties that bind Professor Annalise Keating to her associates and students.

S6 E7 - I'm the Murderer
Gabriel defends a teacher involved in a school shooting.
11.08.19 | 42m
S6 E6 - Family Sucks
Annalise intervenes in Michaela's relationship with her father.
11.01.19 | 43m
S6 E5 - We're All Gonna Die
Frank's recent peril reveals a new secret.
10.25.19 | 43m
S6 E4 - I Hate the World
The FBI continues to interrogate Conner.
10.18.19 | 43m
S6 E3 - Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?
Connor bites off more than he can chew.
10.11.19 | 42m