The Murder Report: 7 Must Watch Moments from the Series Premiere

The Murder Report: 7 Must Watch Moments from the Series Premiere

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the first ever Murder Report for How to Get Away with Murder! Here you'll find highlights from the "Pilot" episode. Be warned, we’re talking about the episode details so don’t continue if you don’t want to get spoiled. Enjoy!

Annalise Chooses Her Top Students: Professor Keating, Criminal Law professor at Middletown University and top defense attorney, announces the five students who will be joining her at the firm. She also reveals the standout in the class. Who should they all be on a mission to destroy? Watch the clip below to meet Annalise and her prize students!


More Than Meets the Eye?: Annalise Keating is everything you hope your Criminal Law professor will be: brilliant, passionate creative and charismatic. She's also everything you don't expect: sexy, glamorous, unpredictable and dangerous. Wes learns just how unpredictable she is during the series premiere after he walks in on her with Nate -- then discovers she's married. What brings Professor Keating to tears? Watch the scene below!

Connor Will Do Anything to Win: Connor Walsh is the smartest person in the room… or at least he likes to think so. A sexy, sly heartbreaker, Connor is used to getting any prize he lays his eyes on. He clearly impresses Professor Keating when he brings her surprising evidence for the first case. How did he get it? Well, his methods may not have been exactly legal, but Connor doesn't kiss and tell.

Wes Meets Rebecca: Rebecca Sutter plays her music so loud the walls vibrate… which isn’t ideal for Wes, her new next-door neighbor. Her edgy, take-no-crap attitude scares most people away, but will it scare away Wes? Watch their interesting first encounter in the clip below!

Frank Thinks He Knows Laurel: Laurel Castillo is a secret weapon in the making. A quiet, sensitive idealist who enrolled in law school to learn how to defend the less fortunate, Laurel manages to stay under the radar, making it easy for her fellow classmates to underestimate her. When Laurel goes to Frank, one of Annalise's associates, about their client's questionable innocence, he thinks he has her all figured out. Is he right?

Why Did Annalise Pick Wes?: No one is more surprised than Wes when he is chosen as Professor Keating's final student to join her at the firm. He can't help but wonder if it's because of the secret he uncovered about Nate. Annalise sets the record straight in the scene below.

The Murder Victim Is Revealed!: In this flash-forward scene, Connor, Wes, Michaela and Laurel gather around a dead body and prepare to burn it. It's the only way to get rid of the DNA after all. As they light the match, it’s revealed that the victim is... Professor Keating's husband!

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