The Murder Report: 6 Shocking Moments from "It's All Her Fault"

The Murder Report: 6 Shocking Moments from "It's All Her Fault"

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the highlights for the "It's All Her Fault" episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Be warned, we’re talking about the episode details so don’t continue if you don’t want to get spoiled.

Heads or Tails?: In the below flash forward, we see Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor argue about what we now know is Sam's dead body. Should they move it or leave it where it is? Annalise's students rely on a good ol' fashioned coin toss to determine their fate. Little do they know that Wes takes matters into his own hands.

Nate Ends His Relationship with Annalise: After the stunt Annalise pulled in the series premiere, Nate ends their affair. In fact, he warns her that if she calls him again, he'll tell her husband everything!

Annalise Searches Sam's Phone: Annalise is in for a shock when she searches her husband's phone for Lila Stangard’s name. Lila's death has been ruled a homicide and she's suspicious of Sam's behavior. Was he involved with Lila...and her murder? Watch the scene below!

Bonnie Isn't As Nice As She Looks: Laurel goes to Bonnie with concerns that Frank picked her to be a part of the firm and not Professor Keating. First Annalise's associate warns Laurel that she looks nice, but she isn’t. Then she advises the student to worry less about Frank and more about getting Annalise to learn her name. Ouch!

Making Love for All the Wrong Reasons?: When Annalise realizes Sam deleted the message she found from Lila on his phone, she turns to Nate with her suspicions. Nate warns Annalise to be careful. When Annalise returns home, she makes passionate love to Sam.

Rebecca Is Arrested!: Meanwhile, the police zero in on their own suspects. One of them being Wes' neighbor! After Rebecca is arrested for murder, Wes learns a lot about her. Flash forward to present day and we see he's become very close to his neighbor. As in hugging and kissing close! "It's done," he promises her. "You're safe now." What's done?

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