The Murder Report: Top 6 OMG Moments from "Smile or Go to Jail"

The Murder Report: Top 6 OMG Moments from "Smile or Go to Jail"

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to the highlights for the "Smile or Go to Jail" episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Be warned, we’re talking about the episode details so don’t continue if you don’t want to get spoiled.

Wes Has Lila's Phone!: A ringing phone interrupts the students reveling over the fact that Frank isn't a lawyer. And it's not just any phone... it's Lila Stangard's! Yup, Wes soon realizes the phone Rebecca hid in his apartment belongs to Lila.

The Alibi: In the below flash-forward, Laurel suggests to Michaela, Wes and Connor that the big campus bonfire should serve as their alibi. Connor orders Michaela to “smile or go to jail” as he takes a selfie of the two of them amongst the partying crowd.

Rebecca Gets a Surprise Visitor: After Wes realizes Griffin is going to let Rebecca take the fall for Lila's murder, he creates a fake lawyer ID card so he can meet with her at the jail. He poses as a public defender and wants to know what's on the phone he discovered. But Rebecca isn’t talking. In fact, she exposes Wes as a law student! Well, can't say he didn't try.

Nate Lies to Annalise: In the previous episode, Annalise convinced Nate to check on Sam's alibi for the night Lila was murdered. He does just that, but when he reports back, he tells her Sam's alibi is solid. That's a lie. Annalise tries to tell Nate that she’s missed him, but her attempt at showing him affection is ultimately rejected. 

Michaela's Missing Ring: Michaela learns that Connor and her fiancé were intimate with each other when they were teens. When she confronts him, he swears he isn't gay and it was a meaningless time in his past. He loves her. Meanwhile, in a flash-forward, Michaela realizes that she lost her engagement ring while they were working to dispose of the body. Uh-oh..

Annalise Is Defending Rebecca: Professor Keating makes a decision about the Lila Stangard case. She will, indeed, be representing one of the suspects in the case. Surprise! She’s defending Rebecca. (Thank you, Wes.) And she’ll have her work cut out for her, as her new client just confessed to murder. 

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