Linda Lightman
Linda Lightman

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Company founder and CEO Linda Lightman, a former lawyer, took a leap of faith in 2001 and became an innovator and an entrepreneur. Today she presides over a company that has grown to become the largest, most successful consignment seller of designer fashion on eBay in the world.

It started as a simple hobby, selling her son's video games on eBay. But recognizing a bigger market opportunity, Linda soon began to sell her own luxury designer goods in her eBay store. Friends and acquaintances interested in re-selling their designer luxury goods but intimidated by the prospect of photographing and listing items themselves approached Linda to sell their luxury items.

Linda has become synonymous with luxury consignment and is widely regarded as the most profitable seller of fashion and accessories on eBay. Linda has become a go-to resource for business and fashion media as an authority on topics ranging from luxury products to consignment and eBay. She has appeared on Nightline and Bloomberg TV and been interviewed by the New York Times, The Oprah Magazine and Los Angeles Times, among other outlets.

Linda also is an active philanthropist and has worked with celebrities such as New York housewife Jill Zariin, Shark Tank's Daymond John, and even Paula Abdul, auctioning items on Linda's Stuff to benefit various charities.