13 Things You Need to Know Before the Season 2 Premiere of Mistresses

13 Things You Need to Know Before the Season 2 Premiere of Mistresses

Before we can dive in to all the cool New Shows coming this fall, we need to embrace the summer heat headed our way on Mistresses. We’ve put together a list of 13 things you need to know, including several sizzling scenes you need to see again, to help you catch up and prep up for the Season 2 premiere!

#1 An Affair Begins: Savi Davis got the news that hubby Harry’s low sperm count is the cause of their inability to have a baby. Work colleague Dominic noticed her hot little undergarment as her dress rode up. He asked for another sneak peek. Savi obliged. After a blowout with Harry, Savi gave Dom an extended look under her dress.

# 2 Who’s Your Daddy?: Savi discovered that she was pregnant. This would’ve been good news if only she could’ve been sure of the father. Savi had no choice but to come clean to hubby Harry, who eventually had confrontation with his competition.

#3 Believe in Ghosts: April Malloy believed that all the prank phone calls she’d been getting were from her long-dead hubby, Paul. They were actually traced back to a woman named is Miranda. Her young son is her late husband’s love child.

#4 Keeping it All in the Family: Karen Kim fell in love with a dying married man named Thomas Grey. After he passed away, she was sucked into the world of the family he left behind. Thomas’s wife, Elizabeth, is a client at the law firm of her BFF, Savi. Complications ensued primarily with Thomas’s son, Sam.

#5 Clean Start: Joss Carver is a real estate agent who was once sleeping with her married boss. When Alex, one half of a lesbian couple looking for a new house, broke up with her girlfriend, she needed Joss’s help moving. That’s what friends are for, right? Apparently, they are also for saving water. Take a look as Joss heads down an unexpected avenue for the first time.

#6 Going Wild: While trying to figure out how to pay off Miranda, April hopped into one of her store’s display beds with cute single dad Richard. How impulsive! Things were going great with Richard until her dead husband, Paul, showed up at her front door. The guy faked his own death.

#7 Dom vs. Harry: Savi gave the unopened paternity test results to her sister for safe keeping. Joss knew Harry swiped the envelope. As for Savi, she was feeling like saving her marriage was becoming more and more hopeless. She started to wonder if a new life with Dominic may be in the cards.

#8 Like Father, Like Son: Elizabeth Grey was savvy to her husband’s affair when she asked Karen provide fake journals to the life insurance company. Karen was sued for Thomas’s wrongful death. Sam Grey tried to help by providing an attorney. Karen could no longer resist her attraction to her dead lover’s son and they shared a night of passion.

#9 Old Habits: April’s daughter, Lucy, just wasn’t ready for a new family because she still missed her old one. April felt the same way. Paul asked for a second chance. He claimed to be willing to go to jail to make things right. April pulled away when Paul tried to kiss her before finally giving in to her desire.

#10 The Hickey, Hickey Shakeup: Joss did her best to fight an undeniable attraction to her new boss, Olivier. Alex sensed her girlfriend’s desire to still be with men. After a night of passion with Olivier, Joss sported a brand new bite mark on the side of her body. Alex noticed the incriminating hickey. This led to their eventual breakup.

#11 Crashed: Savi received a birthday gift from her girls. It was a trip to a Palm Springs resort. Savi was on the road when… CRASH! A speeding SUV slammed into her. Savi awakened in the hospital. The baby was okay. So was Savi, though not for long.

#12 Shots Fired: Karen’s lawsuit was dismissed though she will have her license is being suspended for six months after her partner, Jacob, reported her. An unstable Elizabeth Grey held Karen at gunpoint. Sam lunged for the weapon. There was a mighty struggle. BANG! Who got shot?!

#13 Choices: Harry doesn’t care who the baby’s father is. He wants to be with Savi no matter what. He chooses her. He’ll always choose her. Dominic also chooses Savi, as he’s in love with her. He’s also the baby’s father. Savi’s health takes a turn in the final moments of Season 1. Doctors try to revive her as her friends and lovers helplessly look on.