Alex's Dating Tips: How to Lose a Guy & Get Another Guy in 1 Day

Alex's Dating Tips: How to Lose a Guy & Get Another Guy in 1 Day

Haley (Sarah Hyland) is more likely to be the one juggling multiple dates, but in Season 6, Episode 10 of Modern Family, "Strangers in the Night," it's Alex (Ariel Winter) who reveals she has a secret boyfriend, breaks up and then gets a date with a new guy all in the span of 24 hours. Here's how she did it:

4:00pm - Alex Reveals She Has a Boyfriend
Someone's been leaving flowers in the Dunphy mailbox, and everyone assumes it must be for Haley. Alex suggests the flowers could be from her boyfriend, but no one believes she even has a significant other.

4:15pm - Alex Shows a Picture of Her Boyfriend in a Grocery Store Ad
When Alex tells her family she has a boyfriend, Phil (Ty Burrell), Claire (Julie Bowen)and Haley have their doubts and suspect that the guy (Alex claims he's a model in grocery store ads) is totally made up.

6:00pm - Alex Breaks Up
Phil invites Alex's boyfriend to dinner. When her boyfriend Alec cancels and breaks up with Alex at her doorstep right before her parents can meet him, both Phil and Claire have trouble believing the guy even existed.

7:00pm - Alex Updates Her Facebook Status and Instantly Gets Asked Out
Phil and Claire believe that Alex is under so much pressure that she lied about having a boyfriend and breaking up with him. To further their doubts, Alex explains she just updated her Facebook status to "Single" and instantly got asked out on a date by someone else.

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