Gloria Tells Jay: The Dog Has Got to Go!

Gloria Tells Jay: The Dog Has Got to Go!

On the Modern Family episode "Rash Decisions," Gloria (Sofia Vergara) takes Joe to an allergist who tells her his unexplained rashes might mean he's allergic to their dog, Stella.  Jay (Ed O'Neill) is outraged to hear that Gloria's already arranged for Stella to stay with Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) for a week to see if Joe's symptoms go away.

After Stella's been gone for a few days, Joe's rash clears up, so Gloria delivers the bad news: Jay has to get rid of his beloved dog for good.


It's not easy, but Jay says a heartwrenching goodbye to his Stella Bella. He manages not to cry but Cam, who's been spoiling her rotten the past week, can't hold back the tears. 


A dejected Jay comes home to find that Joe's rash is back. He's thrilled to realize the problem wasn't Stella after all: Joe was allergic to Gloria's expensive face cream. Now who has to give up something they love desperately?


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