9 Tips for Surviving San Diego Comic-Con 2015 from ABC

9 Tips for Surviving San Diego Comic-Con 2015 from ABC

Don’t get left behind! Let Phil Dunphy and your favorite ABC characters help prepare you for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (July 9th - 12th). These nine essential tips for surviving Comic-Con cover everything from which Spider-Man costume to wear to what Chewbacca should NOT ask Han Solo.  While you're at the convention be sure to check out The Muppets and Once Upon a Time's panels on Saturday, July 11th.


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Here are the nine most important to remember:

1.  Dress Appropriately
Go all out!  There’s no reason to head to the convention in just a boring Spider-Man t-shirt.  Take a page out of Mitchell Pritchett’s comic book and wear a full Spider-Man costume, but make sure ahead of time it doesn’t squeak when you’re walking the floor or sneaking into panels late.


2.  Prepare to Wait in Line
Don’t be an Erica Goldberg and try to punch everyone in line. You’re going to be stuck for hours with these people, so adopt Adam Goldberg’s attitude/strategy and make nice/make friends with the people waiting in line around you.


3.  Learn the Lingo
You may not need to get into Brick Heck’s world of “Planet Nowhere,” but don’t be shocked to hear terms that don’t often come up in daily conversations.  However, you can be shocked if someone asks you to “go tandem on a Tauntaun.”


4.  Secure Your Comics
There’s a very good chance you can find the rare comic book you’re looking for at Comic-Con.  Learn from Mitchell Pritchett’s mistakes and make sure to protect/preserve your comic and hold on to it. Poor Mitchell will never be able to restore his irreplaceable first edition “Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus” comic.


5.  Don’t Discuss Your Personal Life
Phil Dunphy may have deliberately named his son Luke just so he could use his favorite Star Wars line: “I am your father.”  While quoting Darth Vader at Comic-Con is fine, unlike Phil, you may want to keep any personal details private.


6.  Get Your Facts Straight
Jack Johnson had good intentions when he recreated the cantina on Mos Eisley from Star Wars, but he should have consulted Junior, the expert, during the planning process.  Junior would have made sure that Han Solo had a clear line of fire at all times.  And never forget, Han Solo is from Star WARS not Star TREK.


7.  Keep Track of Your Toys
Once you get back from Comic-Con, either put your collectibles on display throughout your house, or store them away safely. Mitchell Pritchett lost his Luke Skywalker in a shorty robe action figure when he was a kid, but Cam gives him a replacement. Mitchell should do his best to keep track of it, even if Lily wants to keep it.


8.  Know Your Celebrities
There will be celebrities all over the places, so keep your eyes open and your cell phone camera handy.  Don’t pull a Gloria and not even recognize Billy Dee Williams, who’s famous for playing Lando Calrissian in Star Wars.


9.  Remember, Certain Questions Are Off Limits
When you attend the panels, you’ll need to remember that certain questions are off limits.  Don’t ask the panelists for spoilers.  Don’t talk about how big of a fan you are.  And definitely don’t pull a Chewbacca and ask about Harrison Ford’s wife.

You are now armed with our nine essential tips for surviving San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  May these helpful tips be with you.  Live long, and prosper at Comic-Con.

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