Modern Family Season 7 Premiere Recap: ‘Summer Lovin’

Modern Family Season 7 Premiere Recap: ‘Summer Lovin’

The Modern Family Season 7 Premiere, "Summer Lovin" took us through the summer roller coaster ride of Andy and Haley's relationship.  In last season's finale "American Skyper", Phil (Ty Burrell) was left powerless in trying to tell Haley (Sarah Hyland) that Andy (Guest Star Adam DeVine) has feelings for her.  The show started off with Phil finally reaching Haley and revealing that both she and Andy have feelings for one another.

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Sneak Peek: Phil Tells Haley About Andy's Plan to Propose|Preview Phil telling Haley about Andy's plan to propose to Beth.|Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) calls Cam to deliver a message to Haley. While on speaker mode, Phil tells the whole family about Haley and Andy's feelings for each other and that Andy is planning to propose to Beth at the beach. Watch this preview from Season 7 episode 701 "Summer Lovin" and don't miss all-new episodes of Modern Family WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.

Haley and Claire (Julie Bowen) go to the beach where Andy is planning to propose.  Before Haley tries to stop Andy, Claire pulls her aside to ask if she's at the same point in her life as Andy.  The questions delays them just enough for Andy to get down on one knee and propose to Beth, who happily accepts his proposal.

In the beginning of summer we find Haley depressed over her missed opportunity with Andy.  Claire has been helping Haley cope.  Alex (Ariel Winter) and Sanjay can't get enough of each other as they prepare for their first year of college.  Phil decides to take the family to a movie to help get Haley out of the house.  While at the mall, Dillon cross paths with the Dunphy family.  Haley instantly picks up where she left off with him.

 Phil and Claire Accidentally Meddle with Andy and Haley

In July, we find Andy clearing out some paperwork with Phil as he prepares to take a month off to plan his wedding.  Claire hates herself for not letting Haley stop Andy.  After Andy leaves the kitchen, Claire tells Phil that Andy would've made a great boyfriend for Haley. Claire and Phil start discussing the course of events that occurred when Andy proposed to Beth. Andy catches the whole conversation while he tries to return Phil's pen. While analyzing everything he just heard, Adam awkwardly laughs off what could have been with Haley. 

Andy's Return Causes Phil and Claire to Meddle Once More 

At the next BBQ in September, Phil and Claire's private conversation in the hallway became public when Haley and Dillon overhear their conversation. Although Claire and Phil promised to not meddle, they do tell Haley that she should ask Andy about his true feelings. 

 Haley Approaches Andy to Ask Him if He Still Has Feelings for Her

Haley  approaches Andy to find out if he still has feelings for her. Instead of answering the question, Andy gets confrontational about why she's bringing it up.  After trading punches about one another's significant other's, the two depart angry at each other.  Is this the end of Andy and Haley?


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