A Tribute to Claire Dunphy

A Tribute to Claire Dunphy

In order to celebrate 2014 Emmy nominee Julie Bowen, we’ve put together a few moments that show just how worthy she is off all those accolades. After all, Claire Dunphy is the glue that holds our favorite Modern Family together. See her in action below!

The Claire Witch Project: Everyone knows that Claire's favorite holiday is Halloween. It's scary how far she'll go to prove she's, well, scary.


Coming Out of the Closet: Jay Pritchett already had to deal with one child coming out of the closet, so he was well-prepared for his only daughter to do the same. Claire tries to play it straight right up until the jig is up.


Unexpected Bills: Claire has always been good about managing the family's money provided she can find it.


The Best Woman: Claire Dunphy is the best when it comes to being a wife, mom and councilwoman. Wait, forget about that last one. The voters just couldn’t see that she was the best person for the job. Fortunately, Mitchell knew she was the best man for his wedding. See Julie Bowen in this scene that features all of her fellow Emmy nominees in the wedding of the year.


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Cameron and Mitchell Get Married|Jay Walks His Son down the Aisle|Season finale: After a series of disasters, Mitch and Cam finally get married! Jay makes sure that they have a wedding venue and he proudly walks Mitchell down the aisle, while ordained minister Phil officiates and Claire gives the best man speech. From Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "The Wedding, Part 2."