Haley and Dylan's Modern Family Wedding

Haley and Dylan's Modern Family Wedding

Haley and Dylan have history that stretches all the way back to Season 1 of Modern Family, but it's still wild to imagine that these two kids are expecting twins. Phil and Claire's oldest daughter has grown up a lot since then, and so has the goofy Dylan. Well, he's still pretty goofy, but he now has a steady career as a nurse and was really excited to raise kids with Haley, and he genuinely believes she's the love of his life—pretty hard not to root for that. And now, with the giant milestone of starting a family ahead, these two are going to take a moment to consider another huge milestone: a wedding.

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For background, here's a quick look at the long, winding road these two have taken to get to this point:

Haley and Dylan's Love Story

So after that awkward parking lot proposal by Haley, they're ready to tie the knot. They've got a lot on their plates already with twins on the way, so they're planning to elope—something quick and intimate. They plan to grab Alex to be their witness and do it in secret, but Claire discovers their plan and is clearly hurt: She wants to be part of her little girl's wedding. Phil suggests they do a small, intimate ceremony at the house with close family. The only problem is that the list can expand really quickly:

Haley and Dylan's Small, Intimate Wedding Gets a Little (Well, a Lot) Bigger 

And as the guest list expands, things get more complicated, and pretty soon, they're downright out of control:

The Modern Family Wedding Goes Off the Rails

As the insanity reaches its peak, Claire realizes what's happened: Her good intentions have ruined Haley and Dylan's big day. So she grabs the two, pulls them into the kitchen away from the tornado that has become their wedding, and gives them one more suggestion: Run. Get out of here and go elope. Though she and Phil want to be part of their big day, what they want most is for these two to be happy. And this crazy dumpster fire of a wedding ain't gonna do it. 

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Haley and Dylan take the advice and split. That night, as Phil and Claire lie in bed asleep, Haley comes back, and she's got big news: They didn't go through with the wedding. But why? Watch and see (and cry):

And just like that, these two kids have another big milestone under their belts. Like the rest of their relationship, it wasn't the most direct path, but hey, the journey's half the fun, right? 

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