Andre 'Dre' Johnson has a great job, a beautiful wife, Rainbow, four kids, and a colonial home in the 'burbs. But has success brought too much assimilation for this black family?  

Music from the latest episode:

Episode 424 "Dream Home"

Song: "Wayment"

Artist: Nkenge 1x

Description: Song plays in Dre's new house.

Song: "New York, New York"

Artist: Actor

Description: To the tune of "New York, New York", Ruby sings "Start wearing some shoes…", making fun of Bow's feet.

Song: "Walk It Out"

Artist: Redwood ft. Beatnet and Gelo

Description: song plays over a montage of Bow and Dre enjoying their lives apart from one another.

Song: "Take It From Someone Who Knows"

Artist: The Ovations

Description: Song plays under a montage of Dre and Bow working on their marriage.

Episode 423 "Collateral Damage"

Song: "Forget You"

Artist: CeeLo Green

Description: Song plays in the Cold Open as Dre talks about Divorce rates.

Song: "Stanky Legg"

Artist: GS Boyz

Description: Jack talks about the affect his dancing has on people

Song: "Every Breath You Take"

Artist: The Police

Description: Junior gives his high school graduation speech.

Episode 422 "Blue Valentine"

Song: "Where Is My Mind"

Artist: Maxence Cyrin

Description: Sad, melodic piano sets the mood as the kids leave for the day, leaving Dre and Bow to confront their problems

Song: "The Scientist"

Artist: Coldplay

Description: Dre turns on a junky, old radio as he and Bow share an intimate moment in their new house.

Song: "Come To This"

Artist: Natalie Taylor

Description: Song plays as Dre and Bow get into an argument. The contractors come and break the kitchen counter

Song: "Everybody Knows"

Artist: The Wind and The Wave

Description: Song plays in a flashback to Dre asking Ruby about love and why her and Pops were going through a tough time

Song: "Fix You"

Artist: Coldplay

Description: Dre and Bow fight and decide they can't do this anymore and need some space

Episode 421 "Fifty Three Percent"

Song: "Love Ain't Enough"

Artist: JMSN

Description: Song plays as Bow and Dre lay in bed, backs to each other.

Song: "A Higher Degree"

Artist: The California Honeydrops

Description: Background source at Devante's party

Episode 419 "Black Science"

Song: "Alison"

Artist: Elvis Costello

Description: Josh plays the song on his iPhone and asks Dre if he knows it

Song: "Can You Get To That"

Artist: Parliament Funkadelic

Description: Junior tours around Howard

Episode 417 "Things Were Different Back Then"

Song: "In Da Club"

Artist: 50 Cent

Description: Pops recites "In Da Club" lyrics as he slices open a bottle of champagne with a sword.

Song: "Make Me Feel"

Artist: Janelle Monae

Description: Song plays over montage of Bow spending time with the twins.

Song: "Trouble Man"

Artist: Marvin Gaye

Description: Song plays as Pops enters a bar to play dice

Episode 416 "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"

Song: "Strokin'"

Artist: Clarence Carter

Description:  Song plays as Rainbow and Dre look at Junior in a new light.

Episode 414 "Bow Knows"

Song: "Automatic"

Artist: The Pointer Sisters

Description: Ruby blasts the song off screen

Episode 411 "Inheritance"

Song: "When It Gets Dark Out"

Artist: Lydia

Description: Song plays in the coffee shop where Dre and Rhonda are meeting

Episode 409 "Charity Case"

Song: "HUMBLE."

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Description: Song plays in Cold Open where Dre talks about charity in the US.

Episode 408 "Working Girl"

Song: "Working Class Heroes (Work)"

Artist: CeeLo Green

Description: Song plays over a montage showing Bow killing it at work.

Episode 407 "Please Don't Feed the Animals"

Song: Akon

Artist: "Locked Up"

Description: Dre talks about the prison system in America.

Episode 406 "Advance to Go (Collect $200)"

Song: "Where The Hood At"

Artist: DMX

Description: Pops enters the room in slow-mo to DMX's "Where The Hoot At"

Song: "Hey Ya!"

Artist: Outkast

Description: plays over a montage of the family taking turns rolling dice.

Song: "U Mad"

Artist: Vic Mensa

Description: Song plays over a montage of Dre dominating at Monopoly

Song: "Unstoppable"

Artist: Gizzle

Description: Song plays over a montage of Dre losing at Monopoly.

Episode 405 "First and Last"

Song: "Cats in the Cradle"

Artist: Harry Chapin

Description: Song plays over a nostalgic slide show that Dre shows Junior

Song: "I'ma Boss"

Artist: Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross

Description: Song plays while Dre and Junior face off in basketball

Episode 404 "Elder. Scam"

Song: "Hello" (2008 Re-Record)

Artist: Lionel Ritchie

Description: Diane sees Aaron for the first time.

Episode 403 "Public Fool"

Song: "Changes"

Artist: Charles Bradley

Description: Dre discusses desegregation and education of Black people in America.

Song: "Gangsta's Paradise"

Artist: Coolio feat. L.V.

Description: Jack and Diane watch a video about public school on their computer.

Episode 401 "Juneteenth"

Song: "Columbus Rap"

Artist: Jack and Diane

Description: Jack and Diane rap about Christopher Columbus on stage

Song: "Columbus Day Noodle"

Artist: Aloe Blacc

Description: Aloe Blacc noodles at the keyboard and sings lyrics about Christopher Columbus in the conference room

Song: "I'm Just A Bill"

Artist: The Roots

Description: "I'm Just A Slave" animation in the style of Schoolhouse Rock.

Song: "We Built This"

Artist: Actors

Description: In song, the elder Johnson's explain what amazing things Black people have built in America

Song: "Juneteenth"

Artist: Actors

Description: The family sings a Hamilton-style song about slavery

Song: "Keep Marchin"

Artist: Raphael Saadiq

Description: Dre and his family celebrate Juneteenth