My Diet is Better Than Yours: The Superfood Swap Diet

My Diet is Better Than Yours: The Superfood Swap Diet

Dawn Jackson Blatner presents “The Superfood Swap Diet” that promotes the practice of swapping out your favorite foods for healthier versions. No refined sugar and no snacking, but you’re allowed sweets and alcohol when with a group and you only exercise for fun! 

The Rules

Step 1. Decide what you WANT to eat.

Step 2. Put in the “right RATIONS” on your plate.

Step 3. Swap C.R.A.P. to Superfoods at your own pace.


Get Started!

Enjoy 3 “Right Ration” Meals/Day.

RIGHT RATION= small protein+ small grain+ large veggies + fat topping.

TIP: Invest time organizing a simple menu & grocery list each week.


HOW MUCH? Look at your food…you know what’s too big & what’s too small (visual wisdom) General guide: ½ c. protein + ½ c grain + 2 c. veggies + 1/2 T oil/dressing or 2-3T nuts/seeds/guac.


EAT 0-2 SNACKS/DAY. Snack only when hungry, produce + protein combo, 150 calories each, function-not-fun.


TABLE-PLATE-CHAIR. Do not eat meals or snacks while multitasking.


SWEETS/TREATS/ALCOHOL. Enjoy anytime if SOCIAL & fun…never alone, never at home, never free.


PHOTO FOOD LOG. Taking pics increases weight loss.


DRINK WATER. Have 71-100 ounces water/day.

Tip: Drink hot lemon water each morning & 16 ounces water before meals.


EXERCISE. Aim for 6x/week. Do something for 60 minutes, anything is better than nothing, high variety & fun. Especially love 7-minute, full-body workout & 12.5 -minute sprint workout.


SLEEP. Aim for 7-8 hours/night.


*SUCCESS TIP* Delicious Monotony. Find meals & snacks that work & repeat, repeat, repeat.


Cut the C.R.A.P.


Refined flour/sugar

Artificial stuff




Foods (mostly plants) that provide extraordinary health benefits.



Switch a highly processed food to a naturally nutritious food.

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