Go Inside the Costume Department at <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

Go Inside the Costume Department at <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

From Snow White's butt-kicking bandit outfit to Belle's iconic yellow ball gown to Elsa's stunning turquoise dress,  Once Upon a Time features some of the most gorgeous costumes on television. Our fashionable friends at Disney Style got a behind the scenes look with Emmy-nominated costume designer Eduardo Castro,  who was nominated for an Emmy for his beautiful work on "A Curious Thing."

Go inside the costume department with Eduardo, then take a peek at the scenes that originally featured some of his favorite costumes.

WATCH: Snow White rocks her bandit look while she's fighting trolls and falling in love in "There's No Place Like Home."

WATCH: Emma ditches her jeans and leather jacket for a gorgeous red gown in "Snow Drifts."

WATCH: See Belle's iconic yellow ballgown as she and Rumple recreate the classic "Beauty and the Beast" dance in "A Tale of Two Sisters."

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