5 Most Swoonworthy Liplocks from <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

5 Most Swoonworthy Liplocks from <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

There’s never a shortage of romance on Once Upon a Time. From Prince Charming and Snow White to Emma and Hook, the citizens of Storybrooke are filled with love and affection. Just in time for Valentine's Day, here are Storybrooke’s most swoonworthy liplocks.

1. Regina and Robin

From the moment we met her, Regina has always been the cold-hearted villain who seemed to look out for no one else but herself — that is, until she met Robin Hood. Robin was able to bring out her softer side by showing her what true love really is, melting her ice-cold heart. When Regina gets her heart taken by Zelena, Robin promises to get it back in the season 3 episode, “Bleeding Through." Their strategy: starting the search with their first kiss! 

2. Emma and Neal

Before they were Henry’s biological parents, Emma and Neal were two petty criminals who ended up stealing the same car. In season 2, episode 6, “Tallahassee,” they successfully shoplift from a convenience store. When Neal presents Emma with a keychain he swiped just for her, she expresses her gratitude with a kiss. It's so wrong, it's right!


3. David and Mary Margaret

This may not have been Snow White and Prince Charming’s first kiss, but it was for their Storybrooke identities, David and Mary Margaret. They get caught in a love triangle with David’s wife Kathryn, but try as they might to avoid one another, fate keeps bringing them together. When they discover Kathryn isn’t pregnant in the season 1 episode, “7:15 A.M.," David and Mary Margaret give in to their feelings and finally engage in a kiss. 

David and Mary Margaret's First Kiss|David and Mary Margaret finally share a kiss.|David and Mary Margaret finally share a kiss. From the Once Upon a Time season 1 episode, "7:15 A.M."


4. Emma and Hook

As much as we adore Neal and Emma together, we also ship Captain Swan. On their search for Neal in the Enchanted Forest, Emma believes that Hook helps save David, leading to Hook and Emma finally locking lips in season 3, episode 5, “Good Form." 

Emma Kisses Hook|Emma and Hook share a passionate kiss. Is it really a "one-time thing"?|Emma and Hook share a passionate kiss. Is it really a "one-time thing"? From the Once Upon a Time season 3 episode, "Good Form."


5. Emma and Graham 

Since Emma’s arrival in Storybrooke, there’s always been something brewing between her and Sheriff Graham. Despite Graham’s affair with Regina, which he breaks off, Emma finally realizes her feelings for him and the two share a sweet smooch in season 1, episode 7, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter." Unfortunately, their romantic moment is cut short when an evil Regina kills Graham by crushing his heart literally.



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