7 Reasons Why the Crew Had Better Listen to Captain Hook

7 Reasons Why the Crew Had Better Listen to Captain Hook

A princess, a knight, a queen, a wizard, a savior and a pirate have all set sail for Neverland to save Henry from Peter Pan. The trouble is, this crew doesn’t always see eye-to-eye on, well just about anything. Some of them are even mortal enemies. If they’re going to survive the dangers of Neverland and save Henry from someone who even gives Rumplestiltskin the creeps, then they’re going to need to work together and follow the best advice they can. Luckily for them, this pirate has been to Neverland before. But can Captain Hook be trusted? Even if he is a bit of a rogue, here are 7 Reasons Why the Crew Had Better Listen to Captain Hook.

1. He Knows What it Means to Lose the One You Love

She may have been Rumplestiltskin’s wife, but Milah was Hook’s True Love, and the vengeful sorcerer took her from him. If anyone knows how important it is to save Henry, it’s Hook.

2. He May Not Even Be the Least Trustworthy Crew Member

Even The Savior herself has been known to turn her back on a comrade when she felt it was the best course to protect the people she cares about. But Hook doesn’t even hold a grudge. He knows all about the pirate code.

3. He Knows How to Play Rough

Okay, so roughly interrogating the sweetest man in Storybrooke is kind of a jerk move, but the crew may need that kind of dirty work if they’re going to find Henry. And those Lost Boys are no Archie.

4. He Won’t Give Up

His cause used to be revenge, and let’s just say he was pretty into it. His determination led him across worlds, took hundreds of years and even then he was risking everything he had to avenge his murdered beloved. The crew will need that relentless determination.

5. He Will Straight-Up Shoot Somebody in the Back

We haven’t met the mysterious Peter Pan yet, but when Rumplestiltskin tells you he’s to be feared, you know he can’t be a great guy. Where Mary Margaret or David or even Emma could be looking for a heroic, nobody-has-to-die solution, Hook is the guy who will get the job done, even if it means cheating a little bit.

6. He Knows How to Work with Others

Where most of the crew is used to being a solo act, Captain Hook is well accustomed to being the leader of a crew. He’s able to work with pretty much anyone, even Greg and Tamara when it suited him. Of course, he also has a tendency to switch allegiances, but perhaps he’s finally found a proper crew this time.

7. He’s Been There Before and it’s His Bloody Ship!

Obvious, yes, but it’s worth mentioning. It sounds like the only other person on the crew with any experience in Neverland is The Dark One, and he’s not exactly the most cooperative guy around. No one else on the crew knows the dangers of Neverland or Peter Pan better than Captain Hook, so if they’re going to make it out of there alive and with Henry, they’re going to need him.