Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 14: Hollis Doyle for President

Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 14: Hollis Doyle for President

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 14 “I See You” episode (original airdate March 17, 2016). Olivia has cameras set up so she can spy on Jake’s new fiancée, Vanessa Moss. Of course, it’s hard to spy on a spy. It’s also hard to hear harsh truths from a fellow gladiator. In other news, Abby is hip to Cyrus’s plans with Governor Vargas. What’s she gonna do about all that? Let’s find out in The Gladiator Report!

Liv Gets an Earful: Jake is hip to Liv’s not-so-secret camera setup. He lectures her on her daddy/president issues before assuring her that he’s in love with Vanessa. He also has a few other jarring things to say.

Liv Gets an Earful, Part II: Now it’s Quinn’s turn to go all gladiator on her boss.

The Susan Ross Show: Mellie lays out the framework for her campaign to Hollis Doyle. The oily oilman steals the idea as he announces his candidacy for President of the United States. Susan Ross yells at Fitz in the Oval Office. She’s upset that Hollis Doyle is now running against her in large part due to the president’s actions.

Toe Jammed: After Huck realizes the guy who is dating his ex-wife isn’t the six-toed man he once tortured, he realizes that it’s time for him to let go of his family. It’s time for him to move on.

White Hat Down: Abby realizes that Cyrus is cheating on the president. Not literally. That wouldn’t make sense, as she points out to David. Cyrus is in cahoots with Francisco Vargas. Abby agrees to not tell Fitz, but she still wants to take Cyrus down.

Hail to the Chief of Staff: Abby lets Fitz know that Cyrus is running Francisco Vargas’s presidential campaign. She advises him on how he can make this work for him. All he has to do is fire Cyrus and hire her. Actually, Abby is the one who has to do the firing. Let's see how she does this.

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