Scandal: 6 Defining Huck & Quinn Moments

Scandal: 6 Defining Huck & Quinn Moments

Things between two of our favorite Scandal-ous gladiators have always been a bit tumultuous to say the least. Whether it’s disgust or love, Huck and Quinn’s relationship definitely isn’t lacking passion. Let’s take a look back at some of their most defining moments.

1. We Don’t Cry

Ah, the beginning of it all. Like anyone’s first day on the job, Quinn gets overwhelmed and winds up crying in the bathroom.  Huck consoles Quinn in his own way and reminds her why she’s at OPA.

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2. Huck Gives Quinn Her Own Family 

Most women would enjoy jewelry as a surprise present, but things are a bit different between these two. Huck noticed Quinn’s lack of a relationship with her dad and found her a family to watch.

3. Huck Tortures Quinn

Our teeth still ache just watching this! Huck tortures Quinn when she begins working for Command and enjoys it much more than he should. Safe to say, it’s not the high point of their relationship.

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4. That’s How It Goes

Quinn confronts Huck on the bridge after he flip-flops from wanting to kill her to wanting to kiss her. 

5. I Want You

Huck tries to kiss Quinn but she’s not having it. No declaration, no love. Huck finally confesses and “Huckleberry Quinn” have a steamy hook-up on the hood of Quinn’s car. You can never accuse them of being conventional!

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6. It Was You

This is where we left off with our favorite dysfunctional duo. Quinn realizes Huck killed the jurors and threatens to kill him. Uh-oh.

If you watched that last video (and we hope you did!), then you know things have never been more up in the air for Huck and Quinn. What will happen next? We’re only days away from the Season 5 premiere of Scandal. TGIT returns THURSDAY! 


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