7 Times Scandal's Charlie Brought His Killer Charm

Who knew the Father of the Bride guy would go on to become one of TV’s most loveable sociopaths? George Newbern, aka Charlie on Scandal, was such a soft-spoken wholesome fellow in that 1991 Steve Martin comedy. Fun Fact: The actress who plays his mom in Father of the Bride went on to become White House staffer Mary, aka personal secretary to Cyrus Beene. Though he’s the kind of guy no one would ever want to marry their daughter, Charlie has a certain killer charm. Let’s take a look at 7 top Charlie moments and feel free to add any others you can think of in the comments below. Now… Heeere’s Charlie!

7. Gimme a Call, We’ll Hang Out: Charlie catches Quinn spying on him while he's spying on someone else. He backs her against a wall and plants a kiss on her. It was the beginning of a beautiful, twisted relationship. Note how he actually cares enough to toss his stalker a coat before laying that kiss on her. The guy oozes cool.

6. Adventures in Babysitting: We chose that title because George Newbern was actually in Adventures in Babysitting, once again playing a nice guy. Anyway, Charlie is asked to babysit the young son of an old killing buddy. Quinn joins him on this adventure because it's never a good idea to leave your child in the hands of just one highly-trained assassin. Please contact Charlie if you’re in the market for a babysitter. As we all know, he’ll do anything for a price.

5. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown: When Charlie and Huck meet up after many years apart, they engage in a little playful name-calling. Well, Charlie finds it playful. He’s that kind of guy. Note how he shows off his undeniable charm with a kid as he exits the diner. Don’t tell us he’s not good daddy material.

4. Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?: It’s sometimes hard to find common ground on a first date. That wasn’t the case when Lena Dunham guest starred as a kinky-cool author who got set up on a blind date with Charlie. As you’ll see from this clip, sometimes small talk can be torture.

3. The Guy Looks Good on Paper: In “No Sun on the Horizon,” Leo Bergen is desperate to get the upcoming presidential debate canceled. This isn't good news for Cyrus, who calls on Charlie, who learns that they actually do sell paper at B613 headquarters. Who knew?! Charlie’s double-take at this newsflash is one of the reasons he consistently cracks us up.

2. The New Normal: Charlie looks like a normal guy, right? Of course, normal guys don’t typically torture, mutilate and murder others while sucking on a lollipop. Guess that makes him the perfect person to let Quinn know that a girl like her was never supposed to be normal. It's obvious that Charlie really cares about her.

1. It’s Been an Honor: Like we said, Charlie can be quite charming for a high-priced, sociopathic assassin. Guess that’s why we’re always glad to see him. He fits right in with all the other killer characters on the show. Well, not all of them. Take a look at one more clip where Charlie bids a genuine, fond adieu to his friends. Unfortunately, David Rosen doesn’t really consider him a friend.

You never know when Charlie will pop up, so keep watching Scandal THURSDAYS 9|8c ON ABC and catch up with full episodes anytime right here!


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