7 Most Memorable Papa Pope Quotes on Scandal

Rowan? Check. Eli? Check. Command? Check. Papa Pope (Joe Morton) has answered to many names over the years on Scandal, but one thing that has never changed is when this character has something to say, we listen! Whether he's calling the president a boy or reminding the world that there would be no Olivia Pope without him, here are 7 times Papa Pope sent chills down our spines. Ready to see the best of the best Papa Pope quotes? Watch the video below!

"I am the hell and the high water." (Season 3, Episode 1: It's Handled

In one of the most epic Papa Pope moments ever, Rowan lets his daughter know exactly who is boss.

"We are not at a party, and I am not laughing." (Season 2, Episode 22: White Hat's Back On)

You know that old saying, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" that people say at parties? Well, meet the man who means it.

"You can't take Command." (Season 4, Episode 6: An Innocent Man)

Oh, Jake. Must you really be reminded? You can't take Command. Command takes you.

"You are simply looking in the mirror." (Season 4, Episode 9: Where the Sun Don't Shine)

When Olivia calls her father out on all of his misdeeds and shortcomings, he quickly reminds her that she doesn't have any room to talk. After all, she is his flesh.

"You are a boy. I'm a man." (Season 3, Episode 10: A Door Marked Exit)

Most people would show the President of the United States a little respect. Papa Pope is not most people.

"You have to be…twice as good as them to get half of what they have." (Season 3, Episode 1: It's Handled)

Olivia is reminded by her father she has no margin of error when calculating her next move as the odds are already stacked against her.

"Get yourself some power!" (Season 5, Episode 10: It's Hard Out Here for a General)

Though he may go about it in questionable ways, Papa Pope has stated many times he only wants the best for his children. And that means power, real power.

"There would be no Olivia Pope if not for me." (Season 4, Episode 9: Where the Sun Don't Shine)

Need he say more?


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