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Self-made business people go undercover in poor areas.

S3 E13 - George & Kym Rapier: Oakridge, OR
The Rapiers leave their lavish lifestyle behind.
09.09.2013 | 43m
S3 E12 - Wing Lam: Mobile, AL
Wahoo's Taco co-founder Wing Lam goes to Mobile, AL..
09.02.2013 | 43m
S3 E11 - Amos Winbush: New Orleans, LA
The CEO of CyberSynchs volunteers in New Orleans.
08.26.2013 | 43m
S3 E10 - Debbie Johnston: Richmond, CA
Entrepreneur Debbie Johnston travels to Richmond, Ca.
08.19.2013 | 43m
S3 E9 - Jay Deutsch: Phoenix, AZ
BDA CEO Jay Deutsch seeks individuals to donate to.
08.12.2013 | 43m
S3 E8 - Anne Beiler: Baltimore, MD
Auntie Anne's Pretzels' founder travels to Baltimore.
08.05.2013 | 43m
S3 E7 - Sean Belnick: New York, NY
Entrepreneur Sean Belnick travels to Brooklyn, N.Y.
08.13.2012 | 43m
S3 E6 - Marcus Lemonis: Miami, FL
The CEO of Camping World returns to his hometown of Miami.
08.06.2012 | 43m
S2 E6 - Ali Brown: Venice, CA
Ali Brown lives among the homeless in Venice Beach.
04.11.2011 | 43m
S3 E5 - Jeff Usner: San Antonio, TX
A millionaire heads to the poor area of San Antonio.
07.16.2012 | 43m
S2 E5 - Gary & Diane Heavin: Houston, TX
CEOs find three organizations to donate money to.
04.04.2011 | 43m
S3 E4 - Hilary Decesare: Long Beach, CA
Everloop CEO Hilary Decesare heads to Long Beach, Ca.
07.09.2012 | 43m
S2 E4 - John Ferber: Los Angeles, CA
An entrepreneur lives on welfare-level wages in L.A.
03.28.2011 | 43m
S3 E3 - Steve Kaplan: Chicago, IL
Author Steve Kaplan travels to Chicago.
07.02.2012 | 43m
S2 E3 - James Malinchak: Gary, IN
A motivational guru tries living on welfare-level wages.
03.21.2011 | 43m
S3 E2 - Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen: Oklahoma City, OK
Anytime Fitness founders seek individuals to donate to.
06.11.2012 | 43m
S2 E2 - Marc Paskin: Detroit, MI
Real estate investor Marc Paskin spends a week in Detroit.
03.14.2011 | 43m
S3 E1 - Scott and Alexa Jacobs: Newark, NJ
Millionaire Scott Jacobs spends six days in Newark.
06.04.2012 | 43m
S2 E1 - Dani Johnson: Knoxville, TN
Entrepreneur Dani Johnson spends a week with the poor.
03.07.2011 | 43m