Daymond John
Daymond John

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As one of the industry's most recognized branding experts, Daymond John's own brand has seen an aggressive expansion since he created FUBU more than 20 years ago. An original cast member of the four-time Emmy® Award-winning series "Shark Tank," John's relentless commitment to promoting and supporting entrepreneurs led to him becoming a two-time New York Times bestselling author for his books "The Power of Broke" (2016) and "Rise and Grind" (2018), which was also recognized as a Wall Street Journal Best Seller. In March 2020, John released his fifth book, "Powershift," that walks through his tried-and-true process of how to transform any situation, close any deal and achieve any outcome through his own experience and vast network of industry leaders.

He is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and has his very own interactive, virtual, step-by-step video training system for entrepreneurs called "Daymond On Demand" where individuals learn directly from John on how to start and grow a profitable business.

John's commitment to promoting and supporting entrepreneurs goes beyond his work with "Shark Tank" and as an author. In 2016, he landed the distinguished honor of serving as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship under the Obama administration where he traveled with the then president to Kenya and Cuba to help grow entrepreneurship and small business opportunities.

John continues to serve as the CEO and run the day-to-day business of The Shark Group—his consulting firm comprised of a team of expert communicators, strategic analysts and creative heavyweights that excel in transforming businesses into iconic brands through brand strategy, product development, influencer marketing, speaking and digital media.

John currently sits on the board of the Petco Foundation, the UTSA Foundation, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and remains an ambassador for Global Citizen and the Global Poverty Project.

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