Season 1, Episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4

GIFT CARD RESCUE is an innovative Web site that allows customers to sell unused gift cards for cash or exchange gift cards for brand new gift cards of choice. We also sells gift cards at discounts of up to 50% off.  

Soul's Calling Inc. is a lifestyle and social movement which uses branded accessories sold through traditional and online retail channels. All Soul's Calling products are designed and created with positive messages on them and positive energy in them. This joy resonates with the purchaser and connects with others who see the product being worn or used. Unlike many other products, our Soul's Calling creations are intended to explicitly appeal to people's desire for happiness and the expression of it.  

COVERPLAY is the first and only slipcover for portable play yards and pack n play portable cribs. COVERPLAY slipcovers offer unique construction and design that fits most standard size play yards. COVERPLAY offers the only known solution for keeping play yard cleans and protecting your child from unseemly germs. Great for home use, travel, gifts, daycare and anywhere you use your play yard. COVERPLAY is machine washable and comes in it's own travel bag.  

Graffiti Removal Services is pretty much what it sounds like - it is a Sacramento based company that has a patented system for removing graffiti and it's green and can match existing colors on buildings and signs.  

Coffee Brand Gifts is basically a company that has locked all the famous names for the coffee industry relating to gifts, novelty toys and games. Examples include "Major League Coffee" to be sold at ballparks.
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