Season 4, Episode 18

Season 4, Episode 18

Gotta Have S'more has created a uniquely, stylish, take on America's favorite campfire treat. Introducing... the S'muffin, a S'more that's in the shape of a mini muffin and you've never seen or tasted anything like this before.

How Do You Roll?  is a franchised fast-casual sushi restaurant, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The first  How Do You Roll?  location opened its doors in October, 2008 and the company began franchising in early 2010. As of June 2012, it has stores operating in Texas, California, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina. It is also commonly referred to as  HDYR?

Being the first of its kind,  HDYR?  leads the sushi revolution by offering unique ingredients such as soy wraps, grilled chicken and beef, and seasonal fruits such as strawberries. Those intimidated by raw fish as well as sushi aficionados can find exactly what they want.  

Distracted driving has become the leading cause of death for teen drivers in the US. Every day 18 teenagers die from car crashes - that is 6000 a year. Shocked at these statistics, six young inventors who call themselves The Inventioneers were determined to make a difference. 

Enter the SMARTwheel - a revolutionary patent pending technology that promotes safe driving and saves lives. This device provides instant feedback designed to redirect a distracted driver's attention back to the road. This makes it the only device of its kind to help drivers avoid potentially fatal situations. 

Join our mission to make our roads safer. Learn more about this amazing product, and our Don't DUIT Campaign.

Pretty Padded Room provides therapy to women on their own time and in their own space. Through a secure, custom-built platform, our service connects clients with an all-female team of licensed therapists anytime and anywhere. By conducting online sessions via video chat or Digital Diary—an interactive journal that lets clients have written consultations with their therapist of choice—PPR transforms traditional therapy into an experience that is convenient, low-cost, and completely confidentia