The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 1 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 1 of Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs from New York City pitch their eco-friendly cleaning supply company which helps reduce plastic waste, on Shark Tank this week, while entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee, introduce a science-based snack bar that blocks the absorption of fat when you eat it. An impressive 10-year old "kidprenuer" and her a mom from Honolulu, Hawaii, pitch her safe and fun baby spoon design that eliminates the long sharp design of a traditional spoon. And an entrepreneur from Alexandria, Virginia, presents his frozen food brand that delivers authentic, plant-based East Mediterranean cuisine while also helping with social change. Dan Lubetzky guest judges.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Robert Herjavec
Daniel Lubetzky
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Blueland saves you money and space without the wasteful plastic packaging found in our everyday products. Starting with cleaning sprays and hand soap in the form of refill tablets, along with Blueland's beautiful reusable bottles, you can help eliminate over 5 billion plastic cleaning bottles from ending up in our oceans each year. Just fill, drop and clean!

Minus Cal

Unique from other health and wellness products on the market. It all began with Choleve, our proprietary blend of fermented tea extract for cholesterol reducing purposes. During our clinical trials, we discovered Choleve did more than just reduce cholesterol… it actually caused weight loss as well! With this data, our team set out to find a simple way to add this natural ingredient into people's everyday lives. This gave way to the MinusCal products.

The Baby Toon

The Baby Toon is a combination of a baby spoon and a teether all in one. The unique patented design features a rectangular body making it easy for babies to grasp and self-feed. There are no sharp edges and from every angle it limits how far it can go into a baby's mouth. The Baby Toon is made in the USA with 100% soft silicone, is gentle on babies gums, and great for teething. And....most amazing of all, it was invented by a seven-year-old after entering her school science fair.


TaDah Foods is the creator of deliciously fresh and bold, plant-based East Mediterranean cuisine. Inspired by the wisdom of recipes that have been passed down and perfected through generations, TaDah's Falafel Wraps and Falafel Poppers offer the convenience of a frozen meal or snack but taste just like homemade. Each recipe – from the crispy falafel itself to the creamy hummus – is packed with real, fresh, whole ingredients and made from scratch daily in small batches. As part of its founding mission and belief that food is the social fabric that connects us all, TaDah Foods donates 25 percent of all profits to organizations actively engaged in social change.

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