The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 2 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 2 of Shark Tank

An entrepreneur from San Francisco, California, tries to show the Sharks the upside of investing in her women's undergarment subscription service this week on Shark Tank. A chef from Falls Church, Virginia, thinks he's found the recipe for success when he brings out his effortless approach to a classic breakfast meal. An entrepreneur from New York City shows the Sharks her eco-friendly alternative to collecting dog waste, while a scientist and former competitive body builder from West Orange, New Jersey, asks the Sharks to work it out as he pitches his healthy take on a beloved snack food.


Barbara Corcoran
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner

Kevin O'Leary
Kendra Scott


Have you heard of BootayBag? The newest, (and did we mention, hottest), way to shop women's underwear. Digging through mall sale bins is so 2016. Starting at just $10/month, get your favorite undies delivered right to your door! Some call it the InstaCart for your underwear drawer. We strive to empower women and love contributing to our community through charitable donations and support of multiple foundations.

Go Oats

Oatmeal in a Ball? That's Right! No Spoon, No Bowl, Everything you love about oatmeal; creamy steel cut oats, fresh dairy, spices, fruits, Now on-the-go, with our handheld bite size heat and eat format. Go Oats is helping consumers eat healthier at breakfast and anytime by delighting them with a fun to eat, convenient food that is hearty and appealing to children and adults alike.

Pooch Paper

We are a team of humans who believe our pups and our planet are made to be loved! Made in the USA, Pooch Paper is a recycled non chlorine bleached paper alternative to single use plastic dog waste bags. Our sheets are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and manufactured using renewable energy. Research suggests over 500 million single-use plastic dog waste bags are thrown into landfills each year in the US alone. These bags add to the global warming issues related to methane gas emissions and micro-plastic pollution. We are grateful for your contribution to help save our planet, ONE PUP AT A TIME!

P-nuff Crunch

P-nuff Crunch is the first nutrition focused crunchy peanut puff snack that is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious. Made from simple, natural ingredients such as Navy beans, Roasted Peanuts and Rice, P-nuff Crunch provides high quality plant-based protein, healthy carbohydrate and fiber. These nutrients supply long lasting energy and satisfaction, and they are key in building muscle and staying fit. P-nuff Crunch keeps active kids and adults on the go, going strong.

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