The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 12, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

A husband and wife from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, try and get in bed with the Sharks as they pitch their adult swaddle design this week on Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs from Plano, Texas, try and reel in the Sharks with their inventive approach to fish luring. A husband and wife from Las Vegas, Nevada, share their killer idea for a retail franchise that serves a variety of cereal-centric treats, while an entrepreneur from Provo, Utah, works to convince the Sharks he isn't stretching the truth about his product designed to relieve back pain.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Robert Herjavec
Daymond John

Kevin O'Leary

Hug Sleep
Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep is a unique cocoon-like cover that swaddles your entire body, applying a gentle and calming pressure, just like a hug. This helps to reduce anxiety and gets you ready for sleep. Sleep Pod is hand-made in the United States from a specialized 4-way stretch material that is as breathable as it is comfortable. Hug Sleep was started by a husband and wife team from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2019.

Animated Lure
Animated Lure is the world's first robotic fishing lure that is electronically programmed to mimic the life-like swim of real fish! We currently have three sizes, and over forty different skins to cover every need that someone has when they want to make the perfect catch!

Cereal Killerz
The Cereal Killerz Kitchen is Southern Nevada's first and only cereal bar. Here, every day is Saturday. Equipped with over 140 different Cereals, 50 toppings Customers can create a Cereal Bowl, Waffle, Ice Cream, or Milkshake of their dreams.

Chirp is a health and wellness company dedicated to providing people with simple and effective pain relief solutions. Chirp's hero product, the Chirp Wheel+, has helped over one million people relieve their back pain and is endorsed by 3,000 chiropractors and doctors around the world.

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