Q&A with Lori Greiner

Q&A with Lori Greiner



What is the best investment you have made to date on Shark Tank ?
I love so many of my investments & the entrepreneurs, but to date the most successful has been the Scrub Daddy. We have done $15 million in sales in less than a year. I knew this was a hero when I saw it, and we’re working together to bring more Scrub Babies to the market! We have scented Scrub Daddies coming and a Scrub Daisy – which is a soap filled wand.

Have there been any deals that you had wish that you made in hindsight?
No regrets

Any investment that you wish you hadn't made?
I'm happy to say no, all the deals that went through that I did do, I'm happy I did them.

Any service/product that you wish you had invented yourself?
No, I'm happy that the inventors invented them and that they're doing well and are successful…it's their turn.

Is there anything that has surprised you over the season in terms of the pitches?
Yes, some entrepreneurs that I thought were very genuine in wanting the Sharks' help, I found were not. That was very disappointing & surprising.

Is it possible that someone can have a great idea, but fail in the tank because they can't pitch?
Yes, and we saw it happen this past season.

What's your best advice on how to pitch?

Be confident, and likeable, know your product inside & out. Be prepared & try to practice and be ready for any questions that could possibly come your way about you, your product, or your business idea.

Do you have to be memorable to make a good pitch?
It obviously would help if the person & the idea were something that were so compelling that they would be memorable.

What's the most important lesson an entrepreneur can learn by watching what goes down in the Tank?
Be prepared, enthusiastic, know your idea inside & out, have all the facts, be polite & respectful-be someone people would want to work with. If you're not passionate about your product or idea, no one else will be.

What's been the most memorable part of being on the show for you?

How much I enjoy the cast & crew, it's a wonderful team & one I'm proud to be a part of.

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