Shark Tank Nominated for Two 2015 Emmys

Shark Tank Nominated for Two 2015 Emmys

Congratulations to Shark Tank for two 2015 Emmy nominations! This year the show has two nominations: Outstanding Structured Reality Program and Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming. 

There were a lot of folks who worked hard to make this happen, of course, and here they all are!

Outstanding Structured Reality Program:

Mark Burnett, Executive Producer
Clay Newbill, Executive Producer
Phil Gurin, Executive Producer
Yun Lingner, Co-Executive Producer
Jim Roush, Co-Executive Producer
Max Swedlow, Co-Executive Producer
Becky Blitz, Supervising Producer
Laura Roush, Senior Producer
Sami Aziz, Producer
Heather Dreiling, Producer
Michael Kramer, Producer
Kate Ryu, Producer
Dominique Worden, Producer
Ian Sambor, Producer

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Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming, "Episode 608"

The Sharks Bid Each Other Up|Daymond and Robert both want a piece of The Natural Grip.|Daymond John and Robert Herjavec are both interested in The Natural Grip, a workout accessory company -- to the point where both Sharks feel compelled to sweeten their offers. From Shark Tank's Season 6 episode, "Week 7: Veterans Small Business Week."


Daymond John and Robert Herjavec bid each other up in this clip from "Episode 608" 

David R. Finkelstein, Editor
Terri Maloney, Editor
Ed Martinez, Editor
Matt McCartie, Editor
Matt Stevenson, Editor
Andrew Oliver, Editor
Nick Staller, Editor
Joel Watson, Editor

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