Andrew, Marquel and Patrick Say Goodbye to The Bachelorette

Andrew, Marquel and Patrick Say Goodbye to The Bachelorette

Last night, Andi said goodbye to Andrew, Marquel and Patrick in this week's episode. (You can watch their goodbyes and final words up above.) All three of them got in on the group date, miming in the streets of Marseille, France, and sadly, none of them ever had a One-on-One date with Andi. But they each left their mark on the this 10th season of The Bachelorette.

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We've compiled some of the most memorable moments these three bachelors had on the show -- some good, some funny, and some controversial.

Making Connections

Marquel was concerned about Andi not liking cookies -- which is one of his passions -- so he got down to business on that front real quick:



We're with Marquel on this, by the way... if you don't like cookies, you need a good talking to.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Patrick were discussing their budding connections... with each other.



Neither went home on Night One, so at least they did a little connecting with Andi as well. Even though Patrick made the fairly risky move of announcing himself as a soccer player (after Andi's experience with the last soccer player in her life):



Emil's bold entrance probably helped take any sting out of the Patrick's soccer player entrance.

Roughhousing (of Verbal and Physical Varieties)

In a house full of men vying for the attention of one single woman, eventually those guys are going to start butting heads and jockeying for position. It didn't take long in this house, as the guys confronted Andrew over whether or not he was on the show for the right reasons after he allegedly bragged to the other bachelors about getting a girl's phone number one night while they were out for dinner:


Call us crazy, but calling your roomies "lowlifes" is bound to lead to further drama.

Meanwhile, Marquel was using his time to ask Andi to choke him. There's no joke here, just a clip:


See, we were serious.

But Marquel couldn't stay out fo the fracas in the house once JJ and Nick told him that on the first night, Andrew referred to Marquel and Ron as "blackies." Marquel understandably took it hard; that sort of language is meant to be hurtful. For his part, Andrew denied ever saying it:



Marquel took the statements at face value. As he said, he couldn't get into who was telling the truth and who couldn't -- he said his piece, as did Andrew, and Marquel was content to let that be that.

Did the controversy make it tough for the pair, as well as Andrew's pal Patrick, to stay focused on Andi? It's hard to say. All we know is that their journeys on the show have come to an end, and their respective searches for love will continue...