Bachelorette Contestant Kicked Off on Season Premiere

Bachelorette Contestant Kicked Off on Season Premiere

There was no Rose Ceremony on The Bachelorette last night, but that didn't stop Chris Harrison from kicking off one of the bachelors. Ryan M had himself a few drinks, possibly getting started on the limo ride to the mansion, and didn't stop once he arrived. His behavior got so bad -- at one point he grabbed Kaitlyn Bristowe's butt -- that Chris had no choice but to tell Ryan that since he wasn't on the show for the Right Reasons, it was time to go home. Let's break down his booze-fueled night below, shall we?

Ryan was a little rambunctious getting out of the limo, but at that point it didn't seem too out of the ordinary -- any of the guys who are Bachelorette contestants have big personalities. But when Shawn E arrived, it was clear Ryan was more than just a big personality:

Shawn E Arrives In a Hot Tub Car|An inebriated Ryan M thinks it "sucks."|Amateur Sex Coach Shawn E pulls up to the mansion driving a hot tub car. Yes, he is basically wearing a suit in a hot tub. Bachelorette hopefuls Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe get a laugh, but a drunk Ryan M thinks it sucks, and furthermore, that Shawn E sucks. From the 2015 season premiere of The Bachelorette.


Yep, Ryan made an enemy before the other guy had even set one foot on the ground. His attempt to pal around with Justin failed as well:

Ryan M Wants to Rage, Bro|Justin isn't on board.|Ryan M -- the bachelor who was later kicked off of the show by Chris Harrison -- likes to party. Fellow bachelor Justin is talking to a few other guys about his kid, but Ryan M interrupts him to try to convince him to rage and go hard in the paint. Justin remains unmoved. From the 2015 season premiere of The Bachelorette.


But Ryan was not perturbed by these bumps in the road. The other guys reported that Ryan kept on boozing, and after almost getting in a couple of fights with other contestants, things got ugly:

Drunk Ryan M Grabs Kaitlyn's Butt|He crossed the line.|Ryan M had plenty to drink and his behavior gets out of hand. He grabs Kaitlyn's butt, takes a dip in the pool, knocks things off the walls in the Mansion, and disrespects both Britt and Kaitlyn. The guys are wondering why he's there at all. From the 2015 season premiere of The Bachelorette.


There are a lot of questionable actions that might get you ahead on this show -- sneaking out to meet the Bachelorette, whisking her away for a midnight getaway, whatever -- but grabbing her butt on the first night is not one of them. (I feel pretty comfortable hypothesizing that grabbing most women's butts shortly after meeting them will end poorly.) And so, Chris Harrison was forced to take action:

Ryan M Gets Kicked Out|After starting fights and disrespecting the ladies, Chris Harrison ends it.|After Ryan M drinks too much, almost starts a couple of fights, and grabs Kaitlyn's butt, Chris Harrison decides that's as far as it needs to go, and sends a drunk Ryan M home on Arrivals Night. He never made it to the first Rose Ceremony. From the 2015 season premiere of The Bachelorette.


And just like that, Ryan M was sent home before the first Rose Ceremony. Ryan M liked drinking Fireball, and he burned out like one as well.

That's poetry, guys. Drink it up. Responsibly.

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