The Bachelorette Results: Contestant Ben H Eliminated

The Bachelorette Results: Contestant Ben H Eliminated

On this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, the gang (now almost too small to be called a gang) finished off the Overnight Dates in Ireland and headed back to America for family time. In the midst of all the tension, Kaitlyn Bristowe managed to narrow it down to two guys and get to know their families.

Week 9 picked up right where we left Nick Viall and Shawn B -- fighting, as per usual:  

Shawn thinks Nick is manipulative and arrogant and Nick felt he could probably say the same thing about Shawn (in fact, he did). At least they can agree on one thing -- they’re VERY different guys. In case you needed more confirmation of their hatred for each other, more arguments (and some brutally awkward silences) happened as the week continued. More on that below.

Each overnight date proved really successful, making Kaitlyn’s decision to let one of the guys go her most emotional ceremony yet. In the end, she kept bitter enemies Nick and Shawn and it was Ben H that had to leave:

He was bummed, but Ben H was by far the least dramatic of the group, and we think he’ll be just fine upon his return home.

After that business was concluded, the trio left Ireland and flew to Utah, where Kaitlyn would meet both Nick and Shawn’s families. Nick’s family was crying even before Kaitlyn entered the room -- they don’t want this relationship to be a repeat of Nick’s heartbreak in Season 10, when Andi turned him down at the final rose ceremony. Even his youngest sister had some questions for her:

Shawn’s family had some things to ask as well, and his dad was a little dubious of the whole situation. But in the end, both families seemed to like Kaitlyn as much as they can like a girl who’s been passionately dating their beloved family member while she’s also been dating a bunch of other guys.

Nick and Shawn could not be more different and Kaitlyn knows it. Who will she pick? We have no idea. What we do know is that her next decision is sure to be a tough one (cue the waterworks):

Only two contestants remain: 

Shawn B 

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