Bachelorette Recap: Ian's Outburst on Kaitlyn, 3 Men Eliminated

Bachelorette Recap: Ian's Outburst on Kaitlyn, 3 Men Eliminated

When The Bachelorette left off last week, Nick Viall had just arrived at the guys’ hotel in New York City. As you can imagine, it was a fairly frosty reception, as the contestants weren’t thrilled about having another man in the mix chasing after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart.

For his part, Shawn definitely does not trust Nick or care for his company, and he made that plain for Kaitlyn:

The Rose Ceremony at Citi Field narrowed the, um, field even more: Kaitlyn eliminated Corey, Ryan and Jonathan on a cold night that must have felt even colder for those three. With a leaner crew, Kaitlyn packed her bags and flew on to San Antonio, Texas, for the next round of dates.

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Ben H snagged his first one-on-one date upon arrival, and he and Kaitlyn headed out to one of the oldest dance halls in America for a two-step competition. They didn’t win, but he did get a rose, which is probably the prize he was hoping for anyway. Kaitlyn also referred to him as "marriage material," so clearly things are heating up between the two of them.

The group date had a musical component as well: Mariachi. The guys had to compose a Mariachi song and perform it for Kaitlyn on the streets of San Antonio, in full Mariachi regalia. Everyone had fun with it for the most part, but when Nick took his performance to another level (quite literally), he ruffled some feathers in the group:

Later at the cocktail party, Kaitlyn gave Joshua a haircut. There’s really no other context to add that will make that make any sense, other than, Josh needed a haircut. And he got one -- though probably not the one he wanted:

But a freshly shorn noggin wasn’t enough to keep Josh calm about the Nick situation. (The "situation" being, "Nick is on the show now.") Josh got more and more agitated about the idea of Nick moving on, and finally told Kaitlyn that all of the guys hate Nick and she shouldn’t trust him. She was made that the guys have all been saying they’re fine with him -- so Josh is saying that they’re all lying. That started to freak Josh out, but the damage was done, and Kaitlyn confronted the guys about it:

And after all that, Nick got the Group Date Rose.

Next up was Shawn’s one-on-one date: kayaking along San Antonio’s famed River Walk. Their relaxing afternoon got intense later -- in a good way -- as Shawn told Kaitlyn he was falling in love.

You know who’s not in love with Kaitlyn? Ian. The Princeton-educated deep thinker felt like all he ever got from Kaitlyn was surface-level interaction, and that she didn’t appreciate how intelligent and thoughtful he was. Oh, also that she’s only here to "make out with dudes on TV":

And that, friends, is where this episode left off. Will Ian head home, or will Kaitlyn give him a rose for his candor? Crazier things have happened. Such as, Nick is on The Bachelorette again. So watch next Monday and find out!

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